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A veteran and minority owned SDB Certified Business.

Movie Night Packages available for Daily and Weekly rates!

Audio Visual Multimedia Rentals & Rates

Have a presentation, show, or one time event planned and don’t want to commit to buying any equipment? Rent it!

Loyola Audio Video Rentals provides Public Address (PA) Sound System, Microphones, Speakers, Video Projector, Monitors, Screens, Staging, Video and Audio Recording for any size trade show, meeting, event, party or wedding.

Loyola will provide the best combination of speakers, mixers and microphones (wired or wireless, hand-held, table top, lavaliere or headset) to meet your PA, audio and sound equipment rental needs.

Loyola also offers rental and for hire Professional High Definition Video Recording, Camcorders and Lighting equipment to capture your event.

Loyola offers audio CD and video DVD recording, production and duplication so you event gets captured at the best audio and video quality available and your guests and attendees get their copy of the event.

Unlike national rental companies Loyola provides local support and backup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your event is fully supported and is successful.

Loyola supports the Hampton Roads Virginia region including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and the Eastern Shore.

Rent just the equipment or get a turnkey package with fully qualified support and engineering staff for set up, operation and teardown.

Contact us with your requirements and we will deliver a package to meet your needs at a cost to meet your budget.

For pricing options and packages, contact us at 757.498.6118 Ext - 109, or e-mail us at

Audio Equipment
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
15" Powered Speakers (w/ stand)$50.00$220.00
Playback & Recording
5 Disc CD Player (carousel style)$25.00$100.00
Dual CD Player (rack mounted)$30.00$120.00
Dual Tape Player/Recorder$25.00$100.00
Dual CD Recorder$60.00$240.00
Lavalier Microphone (wireless)$60.00$250.00
Hand Held (wireless)$60.00$250.00
Vocal Microphone$25.00$80.00
Condenser Microphone$35.00$150.00
Instrument Microphone$35.00$150.00
Mixers & Amplifiers
4 Channel Mixer$25.00$100.00
8 Channel Mixer$40.00$160.00
12 Channel Mixer$50.00$200.00
16 Channel Mixer$60.00$240.00
Audio Accessories
Speaker Stands (tripod)$10.00$40.00
Media Distribution Box$75.00$300.00
Studio Headphones$15.00$60.00
Adjustable Mic Stand$10.00$40.00
Table Top Mic Stand$10.00$40.00
Lighting Equipment
We offer intelligent & stage lighting packages. Please call for details.
Data / Video Equipment
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
Overhead Projector$30.00$120.00
Slide Projector(extra trays available)Call for pricing.
Standard LCD Projector (data - video)$125.00$450.00
High End LCD Projector (data - video)$250.00$1,000.00
AV Cart/Stand (w/skirt)$15.00$60.00
6' Projection Screen (tripod)$40.00$160.00
7.5 x 10 Draper Folding Screen
Front or Rear
Playback & Recording
Digital Video Camcorder
(w/tripod stand)
HiDef Digital Video Camcorder
(w/tripod stand)
VHS Player/Recorder$20.00$80.00
DVD Player$25.00$100.00
DVD Recorder$50.00$200.00
Televisions & Monitors
13" TV Monitor$55.00$220.00
25" TV Monitor$65.00$260.00
27" TV Monitor$75.00$300.00
AV Cart (w/skirt)$15.00$60.00
Movie Night Package
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
7.5 x 10 Draper Ultimate Folding Screen with dress kit, 3500 Lumen projector, DVD or VHS player, (2) speakers with stands, (1) 4 channel mixer, (1) Microphone$500.00$1,500.00
Audio Packages
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
One Speaker PA (75 people) 10" Powered Speaker (w/stand) Vocal Microphone (wired) Adjustable Microphone Stand$80.00$280.00
Two Speaker PA (150 people) 15" Powered Speakers (w/stand) Vocal Microphone (wired) Adjustable Microphone Stand$140.00$500.00
Four Speaker PA (250 people) 15" Powered Speakers (w/stand) 4 Channel Mixer, Vocal Microphone (wired) Adjustable Microphone Stand$250.00$700.00
LCD Projector Packages
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
LCD Projection Package - Standard LCD Projector (data - video) 6' Projection Screen, AV Cart/Stand w/2 skirts$200.00$720.00
Overhead Projector Package
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
Overhead projector, 6' Screen (tripod), AV Cart w/skirt, 25' Extension Cord$85.00$340.00
Meeting Equipment
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
Dry Erase Board (markers available for purchase)$15.00$60.00
Tripod Easel$6.00$24.00
Laser Pointer$20.00$80.00
AV Cart/Stand (w/skirt)$15.00$60.00
AC Power Strip Surge Protector$5.00$20.00
AC Power Extension Cord$5.00$20.00
Event Technicians
DescriptionDaily rateWeekly Rate
Setup/Breakdown Technician (rates based on 8 hour shift, 4 hour minimum)$35.00Call for pricing
Equipment Technician (rates based on 8 hour shift, 4 hour minimum)$45.00Call for pricing
Delivery rates
DescriptionMilesDelivery Rate
Local Delivery50$50.00
Out of Area Delivery51-150$1.30/mile