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Sivoia QED Shading

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The Sivoia QED (Quiet Electronic Drive) family of controllable shading products includes roller shades, Roman shades, drapery track systems and skylight shades. All systems operate with ultra-quiet precision, low-voltage drives and offer many options for fabrics and controls.


Intelligent control
Sivoia QED offers programmable presets that can be recalled from an intuitive keypad. Shades move smoothly, in unison, and with exact alignment.

Simplified installation
This system can be reprogrammed at the point of control without any rewiring, access to the EDU, or use of a group controller. The mounting brackets allow an installer to adjust the shade’s level, projection, and side-to-side position, all after the shade has already been installed.

How does Sivoia QED work?

Communication circuit

  • Addresses, programs, and reconfigures the system from any system component - the EDU mounted in the ceiling, keypad installed in the wall, or a handheld infrared remote control.
  • Eliminates the need for external group controllers, thereby simplifying programming and future changes to the system.
Hall effect sensors
  • Measure motor position to ensure shades move in unison and in precise alignment.
  • Digitally sets and stores limits.

Features precision helical gearing design to ensure ultra-quiet operation.

Protection against electrostatic discharge

Provides safe, controlled discharge of potentially damaging static created by shade fabric.

Electronic drive circuit

Variable speed motor drive ensures silent, accurate control.

  • Provides smooth, consistent shade movement
  • Shades align and track together
  • Eliminates audible starts and stops
  • Stores precise, user-defined preset levels at each keypad
10-year power failure memory

Records motor movements to ensure that position is accurately saved even if the EDU is active when power is interrupted.

Key System Benefits

Minimal, Symmetrical Light Gaps - The Sivoia Quiet Electronic Drive (QED) Shade Control System has typical light gaps of ¾" per side. Most other companies’ shade control systems have asymmetrical light gaps typical of 1-3/8" on the idler side and 1-1/8" on the operator side. Large light gaps detract from the aesthetics and functional aspects of the shade.

Decorative Control Options - Lutron controls are designed to match the high-end look and feel of today’s premiere living and working spaces. Most other manufacturers’ controls have extremely limited color and finish options, and are unable to match the look of other interior architectural details in your specifications.

Remotely Programmable Presets - The Sivoia QED system can be reconfigured and presets can be reprogrammed at the point of control without rewiring and without access to the electronic drive unit mounted in the window. Every other system available today requires either rewiring a group controller and/or access to the motor itself to make any changes to the system, adding significant labor and time to your project installation or reconfiguration.

Presets Never Lost - Preset shade positions on the Sivoia QED system are elctronically precision-set and locked into a 10-year power-failure memory. These presets and top and bottom limits will never slip or get lost regardless of age, electro-static discharge, or power failure. Most other systems will lose their programmed limits from any of these concerns, requiring maintenance to reprogram shade positions or replace parts.

Handheld Programmer - The Lutron handheld programmer allows the user to program groups, subgroups, control and button preset assignments, control lockout options, backlight options, and aid in system diagnostics for up to 64 Sivoia Electronic Drives and 32 keypads! No other system on the market offers any product like this extremely important facility manager’s tool.

Speed Control - All shades in a Sivoia QED system will start, stop, and track in unison and exact alignment (to ±1/16" accuracy) at all times for the life of the system. Other shade systems use no speed control and will start and stop at various times when controlling multiple shades. This causes uneven tracking over the life of the system for poor aesthetics, as well as maintenance time to realign shades.

Simplified Wiring - The Sivoia QED Shading system does not require any group controllers, relays, or line-voltage wiring between Drive Units. All wiring can be simplified by using an optional Sivoia QED power distribution panel, allowing all system wiring to run to one convenient location. Many other systems require more expensive line-voltage wiring to all devices, as well as complicated, hard-wired group controllers to allow multiple motors to work together.

Electro-Static Discharge - The Sivoia QED system’s electronic components are tested to withstand a 15,000 Volt electrostatic discharge without damage or loss of memory (you may experience ESD when in dry environments or walking across carpets). Many other shading systems do not have ESD protection, so a shade motor could lose its limits or even slip from its current position after exposure to an electrostatic discharge.

Ultra-Quiet Electronic Drive - The Sivoia QED Shading system operates at a near silent level (rated at 44 dBA at 3 feet). Many other shading systems available today have a loud mechanical sound during operation, as well as audible clicks when group controllers or relays are engaged. Multiple shades and hard floors amplify these sounds significantly, disrupting activity in a space and detracting from an otherwise elegant room or building design.

Highly Configurable Brackets and Mounting Hardware - The Sivoia QED mounting brackets allow an installer to adjust a shade’s level, projection, and side-to-side position, all while the shade is installed. Other systems’ brackets typically require shimming, remounting, or replacement to reposition the shade, adding significant installation time and cost to your project.

System Integration - Lutron lighting controls, such as HomeWorks and GRAFIK Eye seamlessly integrate with Lutron’s Sivoia QED shades, offering single-button control of both lighting and shade presets for your project. No other shade system or lighting control manufacturer can offer this level of integration or support.

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