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HomeWorks Wireless

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Utilizing HomeServe radio frequency (RF) technology, the Wireless series does not require special or additional wiring to install, making it ideal for existing homes or expanding a system. The wireless series works as a stand-alone system and is compatible with the HomeWorks 4 series and 8 series systems.

Master Keypads are customized to provide control of the system from convenient locations throughout your home. Typical keypad locations include entrances, the master bedroom, and main hallways and rooms. Every button on a master keypad can be uniquely programmed for your personal needs. Custom engraving is added to clearly identify each button’s function. The seeTouch™ keypads also include backlit buttons that are easy to find and read in a darkened room.

Dimmers and Switches are connected to the lights in your home. They are used in place of standard light switches and provide simple, intuitive operation. Their intelligence allows local control as well as remote control from any of the master keypads.

System Controls are unseen and unheard but play key roles in the HomeWorks system. The processor is the heart of the system and provides the intelligence for automating lights at different times of the day. It even adjusts automatically for the changing sunrise and sunset time each day. The processor has special modes for your home when you go on vacation or when the security system is tripped. The processor can also allow your lighting and shades to integrate with automation systems, AV systems, and touch screen systems. For larger homes, signal repeaters are strategically hidden throughout the home to ensure coverage of every square foot.

Lamp Dimmers allow table and floor lamps to be included in the HomeWorks lighting control system. The built-in intelligence allows each dimmer to be controlled from any HomeWorks keypad in the home, as well as from touchscreens, universal remotes and other home automation controls. Each lamp dimmer controls one table or floor lamp with simple and intuitive buttons for on/off and raise/lower.

Car Visor Controls provide complete control of the system from the comfort and safety of the car. The remote clips to the car visor or, if the car is equipped with HomeLink, the HomeLink buttons can be programmed to control the HomeWorks system. HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls.

Tabletop keypads provide maximum flexibility to locate the devices where the homeowner can conveniently monitor and control lighting, window treatments, and other home systems. Tabletop keypads are ideal for nightstands, coffee tables, and kitchen counters. Keypad buttons are programmed to create a customized control that meets the individual needs of each home.

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