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Grafik Eye QS

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The GRAFIK Eye® QS is a fully customizable preset light and shade control that allows you to adjust your lights and shades for any task or activity, and save energy with the touch of a button.

The GRAFIK Eye QS combines total light control and energy management, which allows you to meet the aesthetic, functional and regulatory needs of any project or space.

GRAFIK Eye QS sets the lights and shades just right for any purpose. Select the right scene for any task or activity in any room, in any building, worldwide — commercial, institutional or residential.

Now, a single GRAFIK Eye QS can provide pushbutton recall of scenes that include EcoSystem™ zones, line-voltage dimming zones, zones with dimming power modules and Sivoia® QS shades. Optimize lighting performance and energy savings, without tradeoffs.

Key highlights:

  • simple integration of lights & shades
  • flexibility to control nearly any lighting load or shade
  • easy setup and programming

Typical applications include:

  • conference rooms
  • home theaters & dining rooms
  • restaurants
  • houses of worship


Easy to Use

  • large seeTouch™ buttons with backlit labels
  • intuitive information screen

Easy to Design and Integrate

  • wired or wireless connections to shades and occupancy sensors
  • integrated astronomical and programmable timelock
  • integral EcoSystem™ bus supply available to provide direct control of EcoSystem and Hi-lume 3D ballasts, and Hi-lume LED drivers
  • new adaptive power modules
  • integrates with third-party devices for control of A/V, HVAC and more
  • easily add QS or EcoSystem components to grow the capabilities of the system
  • easily reconfigurable to meet the changing needs of a project or space
  • integrates with Quantum® for total light management of entire floor, building or campus

Saves Energy

  • energy savings indicator
  • complies with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, IECC and Title 24 energy codes

More Architectural Options

  • color and finish options for faceplate
  • optional translucent cover
  • color and finish options for accent stripe
  • color options for buttons
  • custom engraving options for buttons

Key Features

  • Multiple zones: Control up to 6 individual zones. (up to 16 zones with EcoSystem models)
  • Information display: Easily read energy savings, lighting levels and time clock information.
  • Backlit master override buttons: Temporarily raise and lower light levels of a complete scene.
  • Control your lights: Backlit engravable buttons for selecting scenes, with or without shade. (changeable in the field)
  • Infrared remote control: Provides handheld control with a wireless remote.
  • Time clock: Provides scheduling to meet energy code requirements. Includes after-hours mode option.
  • Control your shades: Backlit engravable shade control buttons. (changeable in the field)
  • Backlit zone buttons: Raise or lower each group of lights. LEDs indicate current light level for each zone.
  • Wireless connections to: Sivoia® QS Wireless shades and drapery tracks; Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors
  • Wired connections to: Occupancy sensors; RS232/Ethernet interface; seeTouch QS keypads; Sivoia® QS shades and drapery tracks
  • EcoSystem connections to: Up to 64 fluorescent ballasts; daylight sensors; occupancy sensors


  • Meeting Space
    Lighting adapts to the variety of functions required for a productive meeting. Illuminate the conference table to take notes, or dim lights for an AV presentation.
  • Lecture Hall
    General light levels can be set to appropriate levels to focus attention on the speaker while providing a comfortable working environment for the audience. When an AV presentation is needed, lights can be automatically lowered and blackout shade cloased to eliminate any trace of daylight.
  • Restaurant
    Lighting creates a dramatic scene and complements the ambience of the space, with preset controls for lunch, evening and late-night dining hours. Longer fade rates make the changes imperceptible to customers and the automatic adjustments lets the staff focus solely on their customers.
  • Home Theater
    By day, the lights comfortably adjust to on and any shades open to take advantage of daylight. By night, the room transforms to a home theater as lights are dimmed, and blackout shades closed to completely immerse everyone in the movie experience.
  • House of Worship
    These reverent spaces nedd lighting that can change according to the type of service – somber or joyous – and the time of day. Preset controls can be set to accommodate a variety of needs, including specialized lighting for an alter or a speaker at a podium.
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