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Versarray 212

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The Versarray 212 Ribbon Tweeter Line Source Array module consists of dual 12" Neo Black Widow woofers combined with a neodymium-based, Peavey-exclusive midrange line array and planar ribbon tweeter line source in a cabinet with a highly flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modular coverage of medium to large venues and intended for use with the companion Versarray Sub models, the Versarray 212 offers extreme versatility and high performance.

The three-way system consists of the following driver components: two 12" Black Widow Neo series woofers with neodymium magnet structure. The woofers are capable of over 500W of continuous power handling (AES Std 2-1984) each. The midrange is handled by ten 2.5" Neo magnet midrange drivers, providing a total of 200W of continuous power handling, at a high sensitivity of 101 dB. The high frequencies are handled by four Peavey-exclusive planar ribbon tweeters utilizing a neodymium magnet system, firing into a manifold and creating a line source mounted to a low distortion waveguide. Capable of 200W continuous power handling, the tweeter line source array provides a crystal-clear high end.

Tri-amp input connection to the system is made via two 8-pin Neutrik Speakon jacks which are paralleled, or by utilizing four Neutrik Speakon 4-pin jacks, one set in parallel for the lows and one set in parallel for the midrange and high. Each 12" Neo woofer is independently wired, providing flexibility in how a line array is wired for amplifier use. Peavey’s proprietary protection circuitry, Sound Guard, provides long and medium term driver overload protection for both the midrange array and the line source tweeter manifold wothout impairing musical transients or dynamics.

The adjustable rigging system provides for a classic straight line array configuration, or a number of different angling options, providing easy aiming of the system. Angles between the array modules is adjustable from 0° (straight), to 10° in 1° increments. Total maximum angle between two cabinets is 10°.

Quick release pins are supplied with the rigging hardware to couple the Versarray 212 modules together and set the angles between them for quick and easy field adjustments or re-configurations of a line array.

The flexibility of the Versarray system allows the use of anywhere from 4 to 8 or more Versarray 212 modules in conjunction with anything from one Versarray 118 Sub to as many Versarray 218 Subs as you can fully power.


  • 90° H x 15° V coverage pattern (per line array module)
  • Dual 12" vented Black Widow® Neo woofers with 4" dual voice coils
  • 10 Peavey special-design 2.5" Neo Midrange speakers in a dual line array source
  • Four Peavey custom Planar Ribbon Neo Drivers on a manifold line source
  • Two Neutrik® Speakon® 8-pin inputs in parallel
  • Four Neutrik® Speakon® 4-pin inputs, one set in parallel for lows and one set in parallel for mids and highs
  • Sound Guard™ midrange and tweeter protection
  • 3-way Tri-Amp Ribbon Line Source Array SR System
  • Easy aiming angle adjustment rigging system
  • 18 mm 13-ply Baltic birch enclosure
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The loudspeaker system shall have an operating bandwidth of 90 Hz to 20 kHz when using the recommended digital signal processing settings. The nominal output level shall be 99/100/102 dB when measured at a distance of one meter with an input of one watt (woofers/mids/tweeters). The nominal impedance shall be 4/6/8 ohms. The maximum continuous power handling shall be 1,000/200/200 watts, maximum program power of 2,000/400/400 watts and a peak power input of at least 4,000/800/800 watts, with a minimum amplifier headroom of 3 dB. The two woofers shall be a Peavey Black Widow® Neo series woofer, 12" nominal diameter, with a 4" voice coil, the ten midrange drivers shall be 2.5" nominal diameter Neo magnet speakers with a 1" voice coil, and the four tweeters shall be 4.75" nominal length planar ribbon Neo magnet drivers on a manifold line source loaded into a waveguide.

The midrange and tweeter sections shall be provided with a self-resetting protection circuit internal to the cabinet to help prevent damage to the drivers during a power overload condition. Input shall be via either 2x Neutrik® Speakon® 8-pin jacks in parallel; or via 4x Neutrik Speakon 4-pin jacks, one set in parallel for the lows (each woofer independently accessible), and one set in parallel for the midrange and tweeter connections. The nominal radiation geometry shall be 70 degrees in the horizontal plane and 15 degrees in the vertical plane, for a single Versarray 212 cabinet. The outside dimensions shall be 14.06 inches high by 43.13 inches wide by 11.75 inches deep. The cabinet shall be constructed of 18 mm 13 ply birch plywood. The weight shall be 97 pounds. The loudspeaker system shall be a Peavey model Versarray 212.

Frequency Response (±3dB) 90 Hz–20 kHz LF Power Handling 1000 W cont. / 2000 W prog. / 4000 W peak
Frequency Range (-10dB) 85 Hz–20 kHz MF/HF Power Handling 200 W cont. / 400 W prog. / 800 W peak
Sensitivty 1 W/1 m (LF/MF/HF) 99 dB / 101 dB / 102 dB Crossover Frequency (LF/MF/HF) 125 Hz / 440 Hz / 2600 Hz
Max SPL/ 1m (calc) 135 dB Nominal Impedance (LF/MF/HF) 8.0 Ω / 6.0 Ω / 8.0 Ω
Coverage (HxV) 90° x 15° Minimum Impedance (LF/MF/HF) 6.5 Ω / 4.8 Ω / 6.2 Ω
Box Tuning Frequency (LF/MF) 94 Hz / 220 Hz Input Connections (2) 8-pin Neutrik Speakon; (4) 4-pin Neutrik Speakon
Enclosure Material 13-ply Baltic Birch w/ painted finish Grille Powder-coated perforated steel
Transducers (LF/MF/HF) (2) 1212-4 Neo Black Widow® / (10) Neo midranges / (4) Planar dynamic ribbon Mounting Provisions Custom array brackets and hardware, and a custom array angle adjustment system are included with each module.
Dimensions (HxWxD) 14.06" x 43.13" x 11.75" Weight 44.1 kg (97 lbs)
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