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Peavey CEL-2a

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PDFCEL-2a Manual (pdf)

The CEL-2a Compressor/Expander/Limiter is designed for use in all live performance and recording applications, and can be incorporated as either two independent compressors or one synced stereo compressor with true RMS summing. Voltage-controlled amplifier and RMS-integrated circuits maintain low distortion and excellent noise performance.

This unit has fully-balanced inputs and outputs, with XLR and ¼" jack connections. A special “one cable” in/out ¼" TRS jack has also been provided to allow the use of a standard ¼" stereo cable to directly connect the CEL-2A to an insert jack of a mixer.

Soft-knee topology is used for the compressor and expander functions to provide smooth transition curves. (When the circuits become active, the gain change is phased in rather than instantaneously applied.) This causes the dynamic changes to be less obvious and more aesthetically pleasing as well as being easier to adjust for the desired result.

The “downward” expander section has threshold and ratio adjustments to allow it to be used for noise reduction (slight ratio) or a gate (high ratio). An LED lights when it is active. The compressor has attack and release controls in addition to threshold and ratio controls for complete versatility. Any level lost due to compression can be made up by the gain control. The limiter is an infinite ratio compressor that keeps the output from exceeding a level set by its threshold control and has only one adjustment. It is totally independent of the compressor’s settings and can be used to stop peaks from getting through when only mild compression (a low ratio setting in the compressor section) is desired. It has its own LED to indicate when it has been activated.

Each section (expander, compressor or limiter) can be set so that it is disabled either by a threshold or ratio adjustment. A side-chain insert (with its own enable switch) in the detector path allows manipulation or replacement of the detector signal. Built into the side-chain are two selectable filters: a low-cut filter which reduces low frequency modulation from the detector path and a “de-ess” filter, which will assist in removing sibilance (overstressing of the s, c and k consonants). These functions can be used simultaneously, either by themselves or with an external signal applied at the rear jack.

A dual-mono/stereo link switch sums the RMS detected signal levels of each channel together to accurately represent the stereo signal’s amplitude. This voltage is used to control both VCAs. In this mode, only the controls associated with Channel A function. The gain meter of Channel B follows Channel A’s.

There is a twelve-segment LED array that shows the amount of gain reduction and a ten-segment array to indicate either the output of input levels. By watching the gain reduction meter and the output meter, adjustments are readily apparent and easy to set.

A bypass switch disengages all functions and passes the input signal to the output without processing it. It is configured to allow the unit to be used as an unbalanced to balanced converter even when bypassed, so power is always required.


  • Compressor, limiter and expander functions simultaneously available
  • Stereo or dual mono operation
  • One cable (per channel) operation with mixer TRS inserts
  • Full gain reduction monitoring of expander, compressor and limit processors
  • Fully balanced inputs and outputs (XLR and TRS ¼")
  • Soft-knee topology providing smooth transition curves
  • Expander section includes threshold and ratio adjustments
  • Side-chain insert
  • Built-in de-esser and low-cut side chain filters
  • Low noise circuitry

Frequency Response (+0/-1dB) 20 Hz–64 kHz Input Impedance (bal./unbal.) 20 kΩ / 10 kΩ
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 97 dB Output Impedance 100 Ω
THD < 0.1% Power Requirements 100-230V AC; 50/60 Hz, 15 W
Connections (2) XLR in, (2) ¼" TRS in, (2) ¼" phone in/out, (2) XLR out, (2) ¼" TRS out
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.44 x 48.3 x 23.5 cm
(1.75" x 19.0" x 9.25")
Weight 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs)
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