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Eliminator Monitor

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PDFEliminator Series Brochure (pdf)

PDFEliminator Monitor Specifications (pdf)

The Electro-Voice Eliminator Monitor is a 350-watt 2-way floor monitor that incorporates Electro-Voice’s exclusive ring mode decoupling (RMD™) technology. The Eliminator monitor features a constant directivity 80° x 55° horn in a vertical orientation that provides usable monitor angles of 50° and 65°. The combined professional quality Electro-Voice manufactured components arrange in a horizontal array with a very durable/road worthy light weight enclosure. The result is a very high performance system with excellent vocal reproduction and extended bass response.

The Eliminator Monitor incorporates Electo-Voice’s exclusive ring mode decoupling technology. This technology deals with the common resonance or “ringing modes” found in all loudspeaker systems. It deals with mechanical modes utilizing mechanical solutions. The result is substantially cleaner vocal reproduction and a response that is more uniform regardless of input level conditions.

The system uses the newly developed DL15BFH low frequency driver to provide both extended low frequency response and cleaner fundamental vocal reproduction. It also utilizes the DH2010A high frequency pure Titanium driver coupled to a constant directivity 80° x 55° horn to produce extended high frequency response and low distortion upper vocal reproduction.

The Eliminator Monitor features a self resetting high frequency protection circuit, EV’s PRO™ circuit. This is included with the high quality passive network to prevent accidental high frequency overload and improve system reliability. The bass section of the Eliminator Monitor is designed using Thiele Small optimized parameters for a solid performancec to 77 Hz. In addition to including RMD techniques, the 15" (381 mm) DL15BFH woofer is specially designed to provide extended 350-watt contrinuous (1200-watt peak) power handling. These power handling ratings are achieved using a 6 dB crest factor which provides peak levels 4 times that above the continuous rating of 350-watts.

The Eliminator Monitor also features a stand mount adapter on the woofer side for vertical orientation (standard 1-3/8 diameter).

The Eliminator Monitor enclosure is constructed of Road-Wood™, a structural material that combines the strength of high-quality plywood with the density and acoustic damping of particle board without brittleness. Road-Wood uses the same principle of crossbanding veneers, as in plywood, in order to achieve its very high rigidity. A tough liquid-phenolic resin is blended with long, narrow strand of hardwood. Alternate layers are perpendicularly bonded under intense heat and pressure to form panels of superior uniformity. Unlike many grades of plywood, Road-Wood is dimensionally stable, water resistant and free from voids.

A combination of dado-cut joints and tough adhesives ensure a sonically dead enclosure free from panel resonances.

The densely woven, industrial-grade, abuse-resistant carpeting provides a finish that is both attractive and highly durable. Heavy-duty corner protectors, firmly secured rubber feet, recessed handles and a protective metal grille complete the picture and ensure that the Eliminator Monitor speaker system is ideally suited to a long and reliable life on the road.


  • 15" Two-Way Floor Monitor
  • Exclusive Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD™)
  • Integral stand adaptor
  • PRO™ circuit provides HF driver protection
  • Usable monitor angles of 50° and 65°
  • DH2010A High Frequency Transducer
  • DL15BFH Low Frequency Transducer
  • Parallel Neutrik® NL4 input connections

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The loudspeaker shall be a compact vented-box type. The low frequencies shall be reproduced with one 350-watt (ANSI/EIA RS-426-A 1980) DL15BFH 15-inch vented woofer, and a DH2010A high-frequency compression driver mounted on a 80° x 55° constant-directivity horn. The system will reproduce the frequencies from 77 to 20,000 Hz. The system shall be capable of producing average sound levels in excess of 124 dB in the long term, and short-term peaks of 130 dB. The enclosure shall be constructed of black, carpeted, Road-Wood™. The dimensions shall be 645 mm (25.39") wide, 406 mm (15.98") high, and 471 mm (18.53") deep. The system shall weigh 19.5 kg (43 lb). Two parallel ¼ inch phone jack connections shall be provided. The loudspeaker system shall be the Electro-Voice Eliminator® Monitor.

Frequency Response (-3dB) 77 Hz–20 kHz Power Handling 350 W cont. / 700 W prog. / 1400 W peak
Frequency Range (-10dB) 65 Hz–20 kHz Enclosure Tuning 60 Hz
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m 99 dB Crossover Frequency 2000 Hz
Max SPL/ 1m (calc) 130 dB Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Coverage (HxV) 55° x 80° Minimum Impedance 5.1 Ω
Connectors (standard/E) Parallel ¼" phone / Parallel Speakon NL4MP Transducer Complement (HF/LF) DH2010A, HP85M constant directivity / DL15BFH
Enclosure Material RoadWood w/ black carpet finish Max. Woofer Acoustic Output 8.3 Watts
Dimensions (HxWxD) 40.6 x 64.5 x 47.1 cm
(16.0" x 25.4" x 18.5")
Weight 19.5 kg (43 lbs)
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