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Electro-Voice AC One

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Meeting the highest requirements of modern audio applications – especially, when it comes to sound pressure level, coverage and sound quality – is only possible when using active multi-component loudspeaker systems which provide the possibility to separately amplify and reproduce the audio signal’s individual frequency ranges. Active 2-way installations with additional sub woofer systems probably offer the best price-performance ratio. The low frequency range of the audio signal is reproduced by the sub woofers while high-quality full-range cabinets take care of the Mid/Hi frequencies and vocals.

One of the essential advantages when using active 2-way systems with additional sub woofers is the fact that the vocals are not divided between several speaker systems. This, in return, offers more convenience when adjusting the sound system. Unlike with active 3 or 4-way configurations – difficult analyzing and measuring of sound fields is unnecessary.

Since locating low-frequency sound is merely impossible, simply using mono sub woofers is absolutely sufficient for smaller stages or rooms. On wider stages it is indispensable to use individual sub woofer systems for both sides. Otherwise, the level differences between bass and treble would result in audible degradation of the overall sound. Of course, adding a centrally located sub woofer might additionally improve the sound quality.

The AC One Controller has been designed to be used in high-performance installations that employ active 2-way systems plus sub woofers. Applications like these also mostly incorporate professional linear power amplifiers like the Electro-Voice P1200, P2000, P3000, or Q44, Q66. When using processor controlled power amplifiers like the Electro-Voice P1250, the processor section is simply switched off.

Installing and operating the AC One Controllers is easy as can be since the user does not need to know any complex detail about crossover functions and equalization. All controls for matching the sound to different acoustic conditions and loudspeaker systems are located on the front panel. Difficult tasks – like electronic signal routing and settings for instance – are automatically carried out inside the appliance. The newly designed PowerMax12 crossover function (patents pending) optimally utilizes amplifier output power and loudspeaker transmission cpacities. Compared to conventional crossovers or controllers, this results in an improved overall sound quality which is achieved with less effort.

The AC One Controller is also most suitable for integration in active 2-way instrument reinforcement applications for keyboards, E-bass and drums. The PowerMax12 crossover function eliminates the often complained about “lack-of-punch-and-definition”, like it is common for conventional active musical instrument reinforcement systems.

Its excellent dynamic range of more than 116dB, the extremely low noise level and the outstanding price-performance ratio makes the AC One Controller an advantageous alternative to conventional crossover and controller solutions – even in the critical field of permanent installation.

Crossover Mode 2-Way-Stereo + SUB Mono
Crossover Frequency 45 Hz–160 Hz
Crossover Filter Type PowerMax12
LO-Cut Filter Type 12dB/octave
LO-Cut Frequency 20 Hz–100 Hz
LO-EQ 50Hz, Shelving, 0dB–+12dB
MID-EQ 4kHz, Dip, -8dB–0dB
HI-EQ 15kHz, Lift, 0dB–+8dB
Inputs A, B
Input Type Active Balanced, XLR-female
Input Impedance 20 kΩ
Input Level (nom./max.) +6 dBu / +20 dBu
Gain Range -∞ – +6 dB
Outputs HI, LO, SUB
Output Type Active Balanced, XLR-male
Output Impedance 75 Ω
Output Level (nom./max.) +6 dBu / +20 dBu
Gain Range -∞ – +6 dB
Frequency Response (-3dB) 16 Hz–150 kHz
Gain (nom./max.) 0 dB / +12 dB
Dynamic Range (A-weighted) 117 dB
THD+Noise < 0.02%, typ. 0.003%
Crosstalk < -80 dB
Mute Switch Rejection > 90 dB
Level Control Attenuation > 80 dB
Power Requirements 100-240V AC; 50/60 Hz, 17 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.36 x 48.3 x 22.7 cm (1.72" x 19.0" x 8.92")
Weight 3.2 kg (7.05 lbs)
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