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Electro-Voice P 3000RL

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PDFPrecision Remote Series Brochure (pdf)

PDFP 3000RL Manual (pdf)

The new DSP-Controlled P-Series amplifiers combine legendary performance with uncompromised remote-control and system-supervision capability. Using state-of-the-art technologies from their signal processor developments, it’s guaranteed that their amplifiers will provide superior audio performance. Each power amplifier employs an RCM-24 Remote Control module allowing centralized configuration, control and monitoring of all relevant power amp parameters (like output current, output voltage, load impedance, etc.).

The gapless protection circuitry concept not only prevents the power amp itself but also the connected loudspeaker systems from being damaged. These extensive protections include Dynamic Audio Limiters, DC/HF-Protections, Back-EMF-Protection, Inrush Current Limiter, Short Circuit Protection and of course Termal Overload Protection for the output transistors and mains transformers. Four-speed high performance fans guarantee outstanding thermal stability at absolute low running noise. The ventilation is directed front-to-rear allowing trouble-free operation even in smaller amp-racks.

Comprehensively dimensioned power supply units with low-leakage toroidal transformers provide extensive headroom far above the stated nominal power. Mechanical construction and workmanship also comply with the highest precision manufacturing standards. The rigid sheet steel chassis resists even the most wearing tour operation.

The RCM-24 provides full-size overview of the system’s entire status and control over all relevant system parameters at any time. The RCM-24 module allows integration into a Remote Control Network consisting of up to 250 power amps. The Windows Software IRIS – Intelligent Remote & Integrated Supervision – allows controlling and monitoring an entire PA-system from a single or several PCs. Any operational status like initial power-on status, temperature, modulation, limiting, activation of protections, deviation in the load impedance, etc., are centrally registered and displayed, which provides the opportunity to take specific measures prior to the occurrence of critical operational states. Programming an automatic response for exceeding or falling below specific limits is possible as well. All parameters, e.g. power-on/off, levels, muting, filters, etc. can be controlled in real-time and saved in any power amp.

The flagship, with 2 x 1300 watts into 4 ohms and 2 x 1800 watts into 2 ohms, the DSP version of the legendary EV P3000 amplifier. Loudspeaker outputs on Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors.


  • Remote control and supervision of up to 250 amplifiers via one or multiple PCs
  • Central supervision of all amplifiers and connected loudspeakers
  • State-of-the-art signal processing (Filter, Delay, Level, Dynamics)
  • Display of the acoustical response of EV speakers in real-time (RACE)
  • Integration with life-safety systems and control of external equipment
  • Exceptional audio performance and extreme reliability

2 Ω4 Ω8 Ω
Continuous Output Power - THD=1%, 1 kHz, Dual Channel 1800 W 1300 W 850 W
Rated Output Power - THD <0.2%, 20 Hz–20 kHz 1500 W 1200 W 750 W
Max. Single Channel Output Power - Dynamic Headroom, IHF-A 2000 W 1700 W 950 W
Max. Bridged Output Power - THD=1%, 1 kHz - 3600 W 2600 W
Maximum RMS Voltage Swing - THD=1%, 1 kHz 91 V
Amplifier Gain - ref. 1 kHz 34 dB
Frequency Response (-1 dB, ref. 1 kHz/1 W) 20 Hz–20 kHz
Input Sensitivity - at rated power @ 8Ω, 1 kHz +6 dBu (1.55 V)
Maximum Input Level - ref. 1 kHz +21 dBu (8.7 V)
Input Impedance - balanced 20 kΩ
Crosstalk - ref. 1 kHz, rated output power > 70 dB
THD @ rated power < 0.05%
IMD-SMPTE - 60 Hz, 7 kHz < 0.01%
DIM-30 - 3.15 kHz, 15 kHz < 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) > 105 dB
Damping Factor - 1 kHz > 300
CMR @ 1 kHz 80 dB
Output Voltage +6 dBu (1.55 V)
Maximum Output Voltage +21 dBu (8.7 V)
Output Impedance < 100 Ω
Minimum Output Load 600 Ω
Power Consumption 1850 W
Control Logic In and Outputs 2x 0V 5V free configurable, Easy-Remote
Connectors XLR input, Neutrik Speakon NL4 speaker output
AD & DA Conversion 24 Bit, Sigma-Delta, 128 x Oversampling, Linear Phase
Sample Rate 48 kHz
Internal Wordlength 48 bit
Dynamic Range 115 dB (typical)
Serial Interface Network: CAN, 2 RJ45 (CAT-5 Cabling), RS-232 for media control systems
Power Requirements 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V; 50–60Hz
Protections Audio Limiters, Hi-Temperature, DC, HF, Back EMF, Peak Current Limiter, Inrush Current Limiter, Power On Delay
Cooling Front-to-rear, 4-stage-fans
Dimensions (HxWxD) 13.3 x 48.3 x 39.0 cm (5.25" x 19.0" x 15.4")
Weight 30 kg (66.2 lbs)
All measurements both channels driven into 8 ohms unless other specified.
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