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Electro-Voice CP 1800

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Electro-Voice’s Precision Series Compact amplifiers offer proven Precision Series performance and reliability in a new compact, lightweight format. This is made possible by incorporating a highly efficient Class-H design, which results in considerably less heat being generated. This allows the overall size of the amplifier to be reduced substantially without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The audio performance of CP-Series power amps are simply extraordinary. Optimized power supply units employing low-leakage toroidal transformers and the consistent use of Class-H technology provide extensive headroom far above the stated nominal output. At the same time contributes to a reduction in weight and power dissipation.

The CP 1800 supplies up to 2 x 900 watts into 2 ohms and 2 x 600 watts into 4 ohms. Dedicated for smaller full-range speaker systems and hi-frequency components in multiway systems. The CP 1800 uses a conventional transformer power supply.

Electro-Voice CP-Series power amps have been designed to fulfil even the most demanding requirements of touring applications. CP-Series amps are protected against thermal and electrical overload, short circuit and the occurrence of HF/DC at the outputs. Back-EMF-Protection eliminates the risk of the output transistors being damaged by electrical energy back-feed. The power outputs are switched via relay with a time delay during soft-start and an inrush current limiter prevents mains fuses from blowing.

The recessed mounted dB-scaled level controls ensure reliable protection against mechanical damage. These particularly precise, secure to operate detent-potentiometers are located on the front panel. CP-Series power amps provide the opportunity for retrofitting an internal analogue signal processor board with x-over and filter functions.

The easily readable LED display provides a quick overview of the power amp’s current operational status. The power outputs CHANNEL A, CHANNEL B and BRIDGED OUT are carried out as extremely durable Speakon-type connectors. Also located on the rear panel is a Ground-lift switch, which helps eliminating ground-noise loops by separating the power amp’s enclosure from the circuit ground. In normal operation, all CP-Series power amps are capable of driving loads as low as 2 ohms. In Mono-Bridged mode the allowable minimum load is 4 ohms.


  • 2 x 900W/2 Ohms
  • High Efficient Class-H Design
  • 2 U Rack Space
  • Only 33 lbs (15 kg)
  • Complete Protection Package
  • Dynamic Limiter

2 Ω4 Ω8 Ω
Max. Midband Output Power - THD=1%, 1 kHz, Dual Channel 900 W 600 W 350 W
Rated Output Power - THD=0.1%, 20 Hz–20 kHz - 500 W 250 W
Max. Single Channel Output Power - Dynamic Headroom, IHF-A 1450 W 850 W 450 W
Max. Single Channel Output Power - Continuous, 1 kHz 1200 W 720 W 410 W
Max. Bridged Output Power - THD=1%, 1 kHz - 1800 W 1200 W
Maximum RMS Voltage Swing - THD=1%, 1 kHz 62 V
Power Bandwidth - THD=1%, 1 kHz, half power @ 4Ω 10 Hz–60 kHz
Voltage Gain - ref. 1 kHz 32.0 dB
Input Sensitivity - Rated power @ 8Ω, 1 kHz +3.2 dBu (1.12 Vrms)
THD @ rated output power - MBW=80 kHz, 1 kHz < 0.05%
IMD-SMPTE - 60 Hz, 7 kHz < 0.02%
DIM-30 - 3.15 kHz, 15 kHz < 0.01%
Maximum Input Level - ref. 1 kHz +22 dBu (9.76 Vrms)
Crosstalk - ref. 1 kHz, rated output power < -80 dB
Frequency Response (±1 dB, ref. 1 kHz) 15 Hz–40 kHz
Input Impedance - active balanced 20 kΩ
Damping Factor - 1 kHz > 300
Slew Rate 30 V/μs
Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) 105.5 dB
Output Noise (A-weighted) < -70 dBu
Output Stage Topology Class H
Power Requirement 240V, 230V, 220V, 120V or 100V; 50–60 Hz
Power Consumption 500 W
Protection Audio limiters, High temperature, DC, HF, Back-EMF, Peak current limiters, Inrush current limiters, Turn-on delay
Cooling Front-to-rear, 3-stage fans
Ambient Temp. Limits 5° C–40° C (40° F–105° F)
Safety Class I
Dimensions (HxWxD) 8.81 x 48.3 x 38.7 cm (3.5" x 19.0" x 15.2")
Weight 15 kg (33.07 lbs)
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