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DBX ZC Series


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The Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the DriveRack® and ZonePRO families. The ten Zone Controllers use analog DC voltage to provide logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety muting. Wired with readily available and affordable CAT5 cable with universally accepted RJ-45 connectors at distances up to 1000 ft, the ZC Zone Controllers offer simple yet elegant solutions to the contractor.


The ZC-1 provides programmable remote volume control for the DriveRack 260, 220i and the ZonePRO products.


The ZC-2 offers programmable volume and mute control for the DriveRack 220i, 260 and the ZonePRO products.


The ZC-3 can function as a program selector for the DriveRack 260 and 220i; in addition it can be used as a source selector, page steering control, or a scene selector for the ZonePRO products.


The ZC-4 provides program change capability from contact closures for the DriveRack 220i and 260; it can also provide source selection, page steering, or scene selection for the ZonePro products.


The ZC-6 is a programmable volume control for the ZonePRO products.


The ZC-7 is a programmable push-to-talk page assignment controller for the ZonePRO devices.


The ZC-8 provides both programmable source selection and volume control to the ZonePRO products.


The ZC-9 provides source selection for the ZonePRO 1260 and 1261.


The ZC-BOB allows “home run” or parallel wiring to the DriveRack and ZonePRO products.


The ZC-FIRE is a dedicated fire safety interface for the ZonePRO products that allows selection of either system mute or scene selection upon being triggered by either a relay or control voltage from the fire safety system.


  • Programmable Volume Control
  • Program or Scene Selection
  • Programmable Contact Closure Interface
  • Up to 1000 ft. on CAT 5 cable
  • Programmable Push-to-Talk Paging
  • Programmable Source Selection

ZC-1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Connectors (2) RJ-45
ZC-4 Connectors (1) RJ-45, (1) 6-pin Phoenix
ZC-BOB Connectors (7) RJ-45
ZC-FIRE Connectors (2) RJ-45, (2) 2-pin Phoenix
Series Wiring Maximum cable length varies with number of zone controllers. For example, Three Zone Controllers: 600 ft. Six Zone Controllers: 300 ft.
Parallel Wiring Using a ZC-BOB: Up to Six Zone Controllers: 1000 ft.
Cable CAT5 or CAT5E with 28.6 Ohm/M (Ohm/1000 ft.) nominal DCR and rated VW-1 or higher.
Safety Agency Certifications UL 60065, IEC 60065, EN 55013, E60065
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