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Commercial Speakers

Speakers for commercial use, such as shops and stores as well as home applications.

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EVID 3.2

Surface Mount Speaker - EVID 3.2

Loaded with dual 3.5" LF drivers and a ¾" Ti direct radiator, the EVID 3.2 produces sound that defies its small size.
EVID 4.2

Surface Mount Speaker - EVID 4.2

Perfect for where full-range audio is needed but space is limited: restaurants, bars, bistros, department stores, and out door venues.
EVID 6.2

Surface Mount Speaker - EVID 6.2

The EVID 6.2 is perfect for applications that require exemplary audio and the capability to fill large areas with sound.
EVID 12.1

Surface Mount Sub - EVID 12.1

To augment and extend the low frequency response of any full-range models, an attractive and powerful subwoofer completes the EVID line.
Ceiling 205

Ceiling Speaker - 205

A 4", 10-watt continuous full-range speaker that is used to improve high-frequency dispersion.
Ceiling 209

Ceiling Speaker - 209

An 8", 10-watt full-range ceiling loudspeaker that is used to improve high-frequency dispersion.
Ceiling 309

Ceiling Speaker - 309

An 8", 16-watt ceiling loudspeaker for maximum output for wide-range reproduction of music or voice.
Ceiling 405

Ceiling Speaker - 405

A 4", compact 4-watt full-range high performance ceiling loudspeaker ensuring clear, intelligible speech and good music reproduction.
Ceiling 409

Ceiling Speaker - 409

An 8", 32-watt premium high-performance ceiling loudspeaker. Low-frequency cones combined with wide-dispersion cone tweeters.
Ceiling Pro-8A

Ceiling Speaker - Pro-8A

The PRO-8A is an accurate loudspeaker that is well suited for the reproduction of voice and music.

Ceiling Speaker - EVID C4.2

Perfect for conventional rooms. Excellent bandwidth in an esthetically, unobtrusive installation profile.

Ceiling Speaker - EVID C8.2

Specially tuned enclosure and 8" woofer provide amazing bass response.
EVID C10.1

Ceiling Speaker - EVID C10.1

The C10.1 packs a large 10" subwoofer in a tuned high performance enclosure to give amazing low frequency performance down to 45Hz!
EVID C12.2

Ceiling Speaker - EVID C12.2

The EVID C12.2 loudspeaker system is a high efficiency two-way ceiling loudspeaker package for high SPL applications.
UW 30

Underwater Speaker - UW 30

The UW30 underwater speaker is equipped with a waterproof, 3-conductor 50-foot cable.
Audio Beam

Sennheiser Audio Beam

AudioBeam, Sennhieser’s new ultra-directional loudspeaker, allows sound to be placed precisely where you need it.