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Allen & Heath XONE:VF-1

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The XONE:VF-1 is a high quality, 1U rack analogue filter unit equipped with a wide range of input and output connectors, which features an enhanced version of the legendary XONE Filter circuits.

The VF-1 is designed with live performance in mind. It offers the artist control over the music and the creative experience. The valve overdrive option gives the “dirty” sound to bass and synthesized sounds giving added depth and “fattening” of the sound. The filters can be linked to another VF-1 for control of both VF-1 units by one control as well as the ability to link VF-1s to a Xone:92 and control the VF-1 filters from the Xone:92. As well as the valve overdrive there is an envelope follower giving added effects to a live performance. LFO is also included for an automated response of the filter cutoff, and many filter types are included. Superior sounding filters associated with valve analogue circuits (e.g. warmth, clarity and depth) with the features and control of digital equipment.

The VF-1 is an ideal addition for the studio, be it project or professional. The filters can be used to remove unwanted sounds (e.g. low frequency rumble) or as an effects processor with tube (valve) front end for added warmth. MIDI implementation means that filter sweeps can be recorded and replayed from a sequencer. The VF-1 can be controlled from external MIDI equipment and can also manipulate MIDI equipment, offering exceptional flexibility from an analogue filter.


  • Three different filter types
  • Automatic Resonance Control
  • Mono/Stereo
  • Invert Filter
  • Valve (tube) input stage
  • Envelope Follower
  • LFO
  • MIDI

Operating Levels
Headroom +22 dB
Max. XLR Output +26 dBu
Max. TRS Output +22 dBu
RIAA Preamp 3-140 mV, 47K/330pF
Frequency Response (+0/-0.5dB) 10 Hz–30 kHz
THD + Noise @ 1 kHz < 0.002%
Filter Sweep Range 20 Hz–20 kHz
Power Consumption 14W max, 7W nom.
Noise Performance (22Hz–22kHz unweighted)
Residual Output Noise - filter off < -100 dBu (104 dB S/N)
Residual Output Noise - filter on < -85 dBu (89 dB S/N)
Connection Impedances
Line Inputs > 9 kΩ
Outputs < 50 Ω
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.4 x 48.3 x 12.5 cm (1.75" x 19.0" x 5.0")
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