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Allen & Heath PA28

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PDFSmall Format Live Sound Mixers Brochure (pdf)

PDFPA Series User Guide (pdf)

The PA range (PA12, PA20 and PA28) are robust compact mixers with a straight forward layout and buckets of functionality. With a design and build quality that mirrors professional touring desks, these mixers are an essential addition to any band, school, theater, or hire inventory.

‘Walk up and go’ is a perfect description for the PA Series mixer—all the controls you expect are logically placed so that you stay in control under the pressure of any performance. The 4 band EQ on inputs and outputs and clever output routing are unique and will ensure you get the best out of the system, while features such as individual phantom power switches and SPDIF recording output add professional finishing touches.


  • 24 Mono Inputs
  • Phantom Power
  • Two-stage Padless Preamp
  • Input EQ
  • 100mm Faders
  • 4 auxiliary sends
  • 2 Dual Stereo Channels
  • Digital FX
  • Outputs
  • Output EQ
  • Master section

Operating Levels
Channels 0 dBu Headroom +21 dB
Mix 0 dBu Headroom +21 dB
Main Outputs 0 dBu Headroom +21 dB
Maximum Output (XLR/TRS) +23 dBu / +21 dBu
Mic Pre-Amp Sensitivity -60 to +10 dBu
Stereo Input Sensitivity -20 to +30 dBu
Frequency Response (±1dB) 20 Hz–30 kHz
THD + Noise @ 1 kHz < 0.006%
Crosstalk @ 1 kHz
Adjacent Channel < -90 dB
Mute Shutoff < -95 dB
Fader Shutoff < -95 dB
Noise Performance (22Hz–22kHz unweighted)
Mic EIN with 150Ω source -128 dB
Residual Output Noise < -88 dBu
Mix Noise < -84 dBu
Connection Impedances
Mic Inputs 2 kΩ
Line Inputs > 10 kΩ
Outputs < 75 Ω
Max. Boost/Cut (each band) ± 15 dB
Channel High Frequency 12 kHz shelf
Channel High Mid Frequency 350 Hz–7 kHz, Q=1.8
Channel Low Mid Frequency 250 Hz, Q=1.8
Channel Low Frequency 60 Hz shelf
Filter (mono input) 100 Hz switchable
Output High Frequency 1.5 kHz–20 kHz, Q=1.8
Output High Mid Frequency 500 Hz–10 kHz, Q=1.8
Output Low Mid Frequency 120 Hz–2 kHz, Q=1.8
Output Low Frequency 20 Hz–200 Hz, Q=1.8
Reading ref. to Main Outputs 0VU = +4 dBu
Peak Indication Threshold 5 dB before clipping
Lamp Connectors 1x 4-pin XLR-F
Power Requirements 100–240V AC; 50/60 Hz, 75 W max.
Dimensions (HxWxD) 14.5 x 95.8 x 53.9 cm (5.71" x 37.7" x 21.2")
Weight 21 kg (46.3 lbs)
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