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Conference Room Turnkey Package

Conference Room Turnkey Package

Featuring Extron A/V controls, Da-Lite projecton screens and Eiki projectors.

1 year warranty


The complete conference room package, all you need is a conference room and power in the ceiling for your projector and screen. Using the finest equipment control from Extron, projector from Eiki, screen from Da-Lite, AGA document camera, Toshiba VHS DVD Recorder with built-in tuner, speakers by ElectroVoice and Hitachi StarBoard this provides your conference room with the latest equipment. Operation is simple and can even be controlled via the internet for remote operation due to the Extron MediaLink system.

199479CHVEquipment Rack w/keyboard shelf
1EIP-3000NAEiki 3000 ANSI 2000:1 Contrast

The EIKI EIP-3000NA Projector features true XGA resolution and is compatible with other VGA resolutions. It also features up to 2000:1 contrast ratio and up to 3000 ANSI Lumens brightness. The EIP-3000NA comes complete with a built-in RJ45 LAN connection and web server which permit projector monitoring and control over the network using a web browser.

Key Features

  • 3000 ANSI Lumens, 85% uniformity, and 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • DLP imaging technology delivers a “seamless” high contrast image.
  • XGA resolution. SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA & MAC compatible.
  • Built-in Network Connectivity, ready for use: just connect.
  • Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling.
  • Convenient manual zoom and focus lens.
  • Preset image offset. Automatic vertical digital keystone correction.
  • Settings for Standard, Presentation, Movie, Game, and sRGB operation.
  • Accepts Composite, S, and Component Video in all major standards.
  • Displays both Regular 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 ratio video formats.
  • Supports most HDTV resolutions up to 1080i.
  • Sealed Optics. No air filter to maintain.
  • System Lock function. Keylock function. Wireless remote control.
  • Menu Driven Help System. Power Management function. Wireless remote control.


EIP-3000NA Brochure


The AVerVision150 is the CMOS portable visualizer with 3 mega pixel resolution, and most of all, it can display 24 fps real-time images! AVerVision150’s 2X AVERZOOM™ and 4X digital zoom offers 8 times magnifying power while the presenter can pan left and right, up and down freely on the magnified image.


  • 2X AVERZOOM™ & 4X Digital Zoom and Pan function
  • Supports Color/Mono/Negative and Night View Effects
  • Auto/Manual White Balance and Exposure
  • On-Screen Display Menu
  • PC Camera Function through USB Transmission


AVerVision150 Brochure

160-600-82EXTRON MLC 226 IP Contoller with IP Link and DV+

The Extron MLC 226 IP DV+ MediaLink Controller is an enhanced control panel with integrated dual-function DVD and VCR IR remote control. Both display control and source control are provided on a single panel to standardize the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. The controller also features IP Link® with GlobalViewer®, a free Web-based asset management and remote control software application.


  • Bi-directional RS-232 port for universal display control
  • IP Link® Ethernet monitoring and control
  • Dual-function DVD and VCR IR control
  • Discrete ON and OFF display power controls
  • Three IR/Serial ports for one-way control of external devices
  • RS-232 port for MLS - MediaLink Switcher support
  • Six internal relays for control of room functions
  • Supports IP Intercom
  • Macro capability
  • Tri-color, backlit, easy-to-label buttons
  • Inactivity timer for display shut-off
  • Front panel security lockout
  • Volume control with volume indication for display or MLS - MediaLink Switcher
  • Integral high performance Web server
  • External international power supply included


MLC 226 IP Brochure

160-560-02EXTRON MLS 406 SA

Also featuring the Extron MLS 406SA MediaLink Switcher, a simple-to-use, six input, multi-format active switcher. As an affordable solution for single-projector classrooms and boardrooms, the MLS 406SA provides composite video, S-video, computer-video, and audio switching.


  • Video inputs: Three female BNCs paired with three 4-pin mini DINs for composite or S-video; three female 15-pin HD connectors for computer-, composite, or S-video
  • Audio inputs: Three pairs of female RCA connectors, two female 3.5 mm stereo mini jacks, and one captive screw connector
  • Video outputs: Dual RGB output on five BNC connectors and one female 15-pin HD connector
  • Audio outputs: Captive screw connectors
  • 280 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
  • Controllable via an MLC - MediaLink Controller, front panel buttons, or RS-232
  • Audio input gain and attenuation via RS-232
  • Fixed and variable preamp line level audio outputs
  • Integrated stereo audio amplifier provides 24 watts, 2 x 12 watts rms, into 4 ohm speakers and 16 watts, 2 x 8 watts rms, into 8 ohm speakers
  • Additional input accepts balanced/unbalanced mono line level audio signals for mixing with any of the four switchable inputs
  • Volume control is adjustable via RS-232 or MLC - MediaLink Controller
  • Triple-Action Switching™ for RGB delay
  • Front panel security lockout


MLS 406 Brochure

10173-4149Ceiling plate and pole
10173-5001Projector mounting plate
1DVR660VCR/DVD Player/Recorder

The DVR660 offers DVD and VCR playback as well as 1080p upconversion to near HD quality via HDMI™. Bi-directional dubbing takes the fuss out of recording your VHS tapes to DVD, and the built-in tuner completes the package by allowing you to tune both digital and analog channels.


VCR/DVD Player/Recorder Brochure

184297Da-Lite Advantage Electrol 50" x 67"

Da-Lite’s electric screens meet the demanding needs of business meeting rooms, educational institutions, hospitality and home theater applications. All Da-Lite electric screens offer as standard features: black borders and preset adjustable limit switches to automatically stop the screen at the desired viewing level.

Designed to have the case installed during the “rough-in” stages of construction and the fabric assembly during the finish stage. Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation. Handsome finished white aluminum case provides a clean look and allows easy installation of ceiling tiles.


Advantage Electrol Brochure

6309-8AEV Speakers and Mounting

The Electro-Voice® 309 Series loudspeaker systems are two-way loudspeakers with 8" low-frequency cones and high temperature voice-coil assemblies coaxially mounted with wide-dispersion cone tweeters. The dual magnet construction allows each speaker to be structurally, magnetically, electrically and mechanically independent of the other. The 309-8A/309-4T/309-8T utilize a single section crossover network, centered at 3,000 Hz, which provides 6 dB of attenuation for the tweeter outside its operating range.


EV 309 Speakers Brochure

1960-000111Logitech Orbit AF Web Cam

Enjoy image-perfect detail and clarity plus motorized tracking. Carl Zeiss® optics and autofocus keep images razor sharp, even in extreme close-ups.


  • Motorized tracking: Automatically follows your every move, keeping you right in the middle of the picture.
  • Carl Zeiss® optics: Get more detail and clarity from Logitech’s glass lens designed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, the global leader in camera optics.
  • Premium autofocus: Your images stay razor sharp, even in closeups.
  • HD video: Video and images have never looked so real at 960 by 720 pixels.
  • Higher-megapixel performance: A true 2-megapixel sensor, with up to 8-megapixel* photos (enhanced).
  • RightLight™ 2 Technology: Adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dim or poorly backlighted settings.
  • Integrated microphone with RightSound™ Technology: Enjoy crystal clear conversations, free from annoying background noise.
1LOYCBLMisc. Parts Connectors & Cable
1T-15XLHitachi StarBoard

The Hitachi StarBoard™ T-15XL is a pen-driven 15" TFT display that allows users to operate or annotate any software application running on a connected computer. The annotated images can be viewed on other displays such as an LCD projector or on any other StarBoard interactive display in the same location, or connected through a LAN or WAN connection for remote learning or conferencing.


  • Revise, revisit, & reinforce - share, print, & save your work in a variety of universal file formats: PDF, JPEG, HTML
  • Customizable toolbar - create multiple personalized toolbars
  • Remote conferencing - conference up to 52 StarBoards
  • Digital ink - 72 ink combinations: solids, highlighters, 3D, fancy, shadowed, and roller inks
  • Comprehensive gallery - ready-to-go templates, graphs, maps, clip arts, math tools, science diagrams
  • Handwriting recognition - convert freehand into ASCII text
  • Three powerful pens - normal drawing pens, intelli-pen converts freehand into geometric shapes, laser pen for temporary annotations
  • Object management - Manipulate, undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste
  • List review - flip through multiple annotation sessions and programs with ease
  • Video annotation - Import, capture, spotlight, zoom, and annotate


Hitachi Starboard Brochure

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