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GlobeCaster Studio 4000

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The GlobeCaster Studio 4000 empowers companies and broadcasters to produce, present and deliver their own studio-quality broadcasts via television, cable, satellite and the Internet. Whether it’s a live broadcast or on-demand, GlobeCaster Studio 4000 provides all the tools necessary for a complete broadcast. This all-in-one solution can be operated by one person, thereby reducing equipment and labor costs associated with traditional broadcasts. GlobeCaster combines all the power of a traditional studio environment inside one space-saving production unit.

Key Features

  • Four Input Digital Production Switcher
  • Real Time Character Generator
  • Animation and Paint Compositing Tools
  • Real-Time 3D Video Warp Effects Creation Tool
  • Eight Input Digital Audio Mixer
  • Fully Digital Streaming Video for Encoder Capture
  • Internet Streaming Pixel Resolutions Supported: 160x120 to 320x240

The GlobeCaster product line is compatible with all major video formats (Composite, S-Video{Y/C}, Component RGB/YUV, Serial 601), as well as VTRs that support RS-422 control. The GlobeCaster product line is used by world-class companies and has won numerous industry awards, including recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters.

GlobeCaster features the critical components found in a six-figure, high-end television studio with additional rich media options.

Live Broadcast Production Switcher

  • On-screen switcher panel provides live access to four uncompressed video sources with full color correction plus multiple still stores and matte generators
  • Live control over transitions, digital video effects, animated overlays, title rolls and crawls
  • Active real-time chroma-keying and virtual set compositing
  • On-screen video preview windows with vectorscope and waveform monitors
  • Multi-format I/O, built-in true color correction, flexible chroma, luma and linear keying, RS-422 VTR control, GPI triggers and separate video preview, unparalleled real-time 3D visual effects, organic wipes, dramatic virtual set capabilities and 32-bit animating graphics

Paint, Animating and Compositing

  • High-performance object-oriented 2D paint engine capable of nearly infinite layering
  • Vector drawing tools, including geometry, freehand, particle clouds and soft airbrushes
  • Extensive control of stroke properties such as transparency, soft edges and drop shadows
  • Powerful image-processing strokes such as blur, magnify, colorization and posterization
  • Properties of strokes can be animated over time with on-screen and timeline control

Comprehensive Real-Time Hybrid Linear/Non-Linear Editor

  • Position, edit, scrub and play through dual video streams, 3D DVE, 32-bit animating graphics, still stores, 3D video tracing, CG rolls and crawls, organic wipes and warp effects
  • Advanced timeline-based video editing user interface with real-time effects (no rendering)
  • Parallel tracks for video, audio, transitions, effects and up to four graphic overlays without rendering
  • Supports common professional video editing tape decks through RS422 transport control
  • Extensive picon-based video and audio clip management features and user-defined bin storage
  • Supports flexible combination of hybrid linear and non-linear systems

On-Air-Character Generator

  • Sophisticated titling treatments, text effects and formatting
  • Delivers a wide range of text attributes, flexible multi-layering and smooth real-time text effects
  • Contains over 100 scaleable fonts from the industry-standard Bitstream broadcast font library
  • On-screen user interface for text layout and font typestyle editing
  • Based on a powerful font rasterizing engine, using Windows® True-Type™ font faces
  • Independent application of image and transparency maps for face, border, sides and shadow
  • Loads most common image formats for backgrounds, textures, images, logos, etc.
  • Creates smooth sub-pixel variable-speed rolls and crawls

Breakthrough Real-Time 3D Digital Video Effects

  • Includes a wide variety of 2D and 3D effects with 32-bit graphics and animation
  • Can make your own effects in GlobeCaster’s 2D or optional 3D software
  • Features live production capabilities never before possible, such as Warp Geometry FX and Video Tracing
  • Place actors on virtual sets, complete with real-time reflections and refractions
  • Sub-pixel positioning, smooth filtering and edge anti-aliasing ensures the highest broadcast-quality output possible


  • Net Weight: 20.4 kg (45 lbs)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 26.7 x 43.2 x 61.0 cm (10.5" x 17" x 24")
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