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GlobeCaster CS-1000

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Designed for broadcast professionals familiar with traditional video switchers, the new CS-1000 Control Surface adds increased functionality to your GlobeCaster and ease of use in live or live-to-tape applications.

The CS-1000 features include:
  • Program/Preview Keyrows: Provides dedicated buttons which may be used to route a variety of sources onto the Program and Preview busses.
  • Keyrow Column Softlabel: These labels are 4 character by 2 line text displays that are used to identify the source (input, framestore, clip, or other object) which the associated column in each keyrow will select or enable. The labels are changeable on the fly.
  • Freeze/Strobe Control: Dedicated controls for both the Program and Preview busses which allow Freezing or Strobing of that bus. A “Live” control is provided for instant return.
  • Effect Control Section: Allows for selection of T-bar operating mode as well as triggering of various automatic functions and effects. A rotary control and 4 character display for effects rate/duration adjustment.
  • Effect Control Softlabel: Softlabels are attached to the Effects Control Keys. These Softlabels are 4 character by 3 line display allowing for additional information on how each of the Control Keys are assigned. Which effect the control is attached to, or the current state of that effect (run/pause/stop,etc).
  • T-Bar: A high quality T-bar controller providing smooth manual control over wipes, fades and effects.
  • Fade to Black: Illuminated program-out Fade to Black control.
  • Control Keypad: A 17-key numeric control keypad with LED indicators. This keypad may be used to select, load or store effects, framestores, configurations, setups, clips or other items.
  • Soft-Menu Display and Rotary Controls: This section includes a 4 line x 42 character VFD display and 5 rotary encoders. These controls may be used for ProcAmp control, Chroma Key settings, Matte settings, Effect adjustments, Input/Output settings and most other operational parameters.
  • Power Supply: Auto switching power supply between 100v and 220v for US and International customers
  • Connections: Connects to the VideoNet card in the GlobeCaster Host PC via the serial expansion port. A shielded serial cable is included.
  • Dimensions: 12.6" x 30.75" x 2.5"
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