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EIKI Projector Bags and Cases

A complete listing of carrying bags and cases for EIKI Projectors and Overhead Projectors with their product codes. Various cases for storage or travel.

Product NameDescription
610-308-4442  Carry Bag - LC-SD10, LC-SD12
610-276-4338 Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap for Projector Only - LC-NB1U, LC-NB1UW, LC-XNB1U
0183-7101 Carry Bag
0183-5005 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type)
0183-5004 Carry Bag - EIP-3000N, EIP-2500, EIP-200, EIP-1000T, LC-XA20, LC-XB41, LC-XB41N, LC-WB40N
0183-4311 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type) - LC-X80
0183-4310 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type) - LC-XIP2000
0183-4308 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type) - LC-XB41N, LC-WB40N
0183-4307 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type) - G-series
0183-4295 Nylon Shoulder Carry Bag - LC-XB31, LC-XB28, LC-XB24, LC-XB23, LC-SB22
0183-4292 Leather Executive Roller Travel Case w/ Laptop Compartment - LC-SD15, LC-SD12, LC-XB30, LC-XB28, LC-XB26, LC-XB22, LC-SB21, LC-XB41, LC-XB41N, LC-XB31, LC-WB40N
0183-4290 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type) with Lens Storage; 39"x25"x15.25" - LC-X6, LC-SX6, LC-X6A, LC-SX6A
0183-4287 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type); 22"x13"x9.7" - LC-XB30, LC-XB27N, LC-SB21
0183-4285 Padded Wheeled Case w/Removable Laptop Case - LC-X70, LC-X71/L
0183-4248 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type); 28"x17.75"x12" - LC-X70, LC-X71/L
0183-4246 Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" (hard ATA type); 40.5"x21.5"x14" - LC-X5/L, LC-X4A/L
0183-4215 ATA Shipping Case w/tilt wheels & Lift-Off Lid; 40"x27.5"x16.5" - LC-HDT10, LC-UXT3, LC-XT3, LC-XT9, LC-XT5, LC-XT4U
0183-4211 Soft Carry Bag with Wheels and Removable Notebook Computer Pouch
0183-4210 Padded Executive Carry Case with Shoulder Strap & Notebook PC Compartment
0183-4169 Executive Carry Bag - LC-XB24
0183-2005 Carry Bag for OHP
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