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EIKI Projector Adapter

EIKI Projector Adapters

A complete listing of adapters for EIKI Projectors with their product codes.

Product NameDescription
WL-10 USB Memory Adapter - LC-XB41N, LC-XB29N, LC-WB40N
WL-30 USB Wireless LAN Adapter (IEEEE8021b/g, USB 2.0/1.1) for use with LC-XB27N/LC-XB29N Network only
QCNWGA015WJPZ  DLP RS-232 Control Adapter - EIP-10V, EIP-200, EIP-2500, EIP-3000N, EIP-3500, EIP-1000T, EIP-1500T, EIP-1600T
945-083-1349 Wireless Lan Adaptor - LC-XB40N
645-043-9704 Digital Video Interface (DVI) to HD15 Adaptor - LC-UXT3, LC-UXT1, LC-XT2, LC-X4, LC-X4L, LC-SX4L, LC-XG210, LC-XG110
645-031-8207 MAC Adapter for VGA Input Cable (except LC-4300S) - LC-XA20, LC-XB41, LC-XB41N, LC-WB40N
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