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Da-Lite - Manual Screen Accessories

Top Mounting and Extension Brackets

Mounting and Extension Brackets

Use for convenient mounting to extend screen from wall to avoid obstacles such as chalkboards. Available in white or black. Model No.23 adjusts from 10"–24". Model No.11 extends screen from wall 10" or 14", non-adjustable. Model No.6 extends screen from wall 6", non-adjustable. Extension wall brackets are only to be used with screens weighing 75 pounds or less.

Top Floating Mounting Bracket for Model C

Floating Mounting Bracket for Model C

Optional floating mounting brackets allow the Model C or Model C with CSR to be mounted onto wall or ceiling studs and aligned left or right after installation by releasing two sets of screws. Veneer can also be added to match a Model C with a veneer case.

Top Ceiling Trim Kit for Model C

Ceiling Trim Kit for Model C

The Ceiling Trim Kit enables the Model C to be easily recessed into a drop ceiling. Mounted to the end caps with the included mounting hardware, the Ceiling Trim Kit provides a uniform slot in the ceiling for the screen to drop from. The Ceiling Trim Kit is available for use with all sozes of Model C and Model C with CSR.

Top T-Bar Clips

T-Bar Clips

Use for attaching screens easily and without tools to drop ceiling type "T" rails. Available in black or white, sold in pairs. T-Bar Clips are only to be used with screens weighing 50 pounds or less.

Top Pull Rod

Pull Rod

Reach pull bail on screens mounted out of reach with this handy accessory. 38" long.

Top Red Laser Pointers

Red Laser Pointers

The ultimate in presentation convenience. Select from three models: Standard Laser Pointer, Blinking Mode Laser Pointer, Jumbo Laser Pointer. Batteries are included.

Top Green Laser Pointers

Green Laser Pointers

The green laser pointer is designed for situations where red is not desirable, such as bright rooms, long distances, or for rear projection applications. Select from two models: Standard Pen Style Laser Pointer, Jumbo Laser Pointer. Both models include a foam lined case. Batteries are included.

Top RF PowerPoint Remote with Green Laser Pointer

RF PowerPoint Remote with Green Laser Pointer

The RF Presentation remote features page-up/page-down functions and an extremely visible green laser pointer. This unit is perfect for training, classrooms or conferences. There is no interference with nearby or multiple units because the remote pairs directly with the included USB receiver. For seamless presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint on PC, Mac and LapTop computers; OS - Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Mac OS and Linux. The RF has a range of 95 feet and the green laser has a range of 1,000 feet in a dark room. Unit comes complete with protective case and batteries.

Additional Information
  • Frequency: 2.4 MHz
  • Power Output: <5 mW
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Wavelength: 532 nm
  • Operating Lifetime: 5000 hours
  • FDA Safety Class: IIIa

Top Tilt Lock

Tilt Lock

Eliminates keystoning when screen is tied back to removable hook which is magnetically attached to metal mounting plate with adhesive back.

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