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757.498.6118 Ext - 109Da-Lift Pivot - Call for pricing - Retractable Ceiling Mount


PDFDa-Lift Product Info (pdf)

PDFDa-Lift Specifications (pdf)

PDFDa-Lift Pivot Specifications (pdf)

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PDFDa-Lift Pivot Parts List (pdf)

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PDFDa-Lift Pivot Instructions (pdf)


Raise or lower video projectors weighing up to 300 pounds with a push of a button. Heavy-duty, all metal construction with rack and pinion, chain drive lift mechanism for quiet operation. Bottom of lift is adjustable for flush installation and can be finished to match ceiling. Complete with three position control switch with cover plate. Optional plenum kit available where needed.

Da-Lift Pivot

The Da-Lift Pivot 26P and 33P utilize a pivot feature that is engineered and designed with a fixed pivot point that helps insure proper projector alignment during and after installation. Available in white powder coated finish and a choice of two sizes. The Da-Lift Pivot comes complete with an Advance UPM-1 universal projector mount, pre-wired duplex female receptacle and duplex plate, internally mounted control switch for installer operation. Designed to mount in either suspended or drywall ceilings with your choice of optional infrared or radio frequency remote operation. Holds up to 25 pounds.

Model Width "A" Height "B" Depth "C" Travel "D" Width "E"
in.cm. in.cm. in.cm. in.cm. in.cm.
Da-Lift 10M 22 5/8"58 15"38 22"56 10"25 18½"47
Da-Lift 15M 22 5/8"58 20"51 22"56 15"38 18½"47
Da-Lift 15 30¾"78 20"51 34"86 15"38 26½"67
Da-Lift 19 32¾"83 24"61 38"97 19"48 28½"72
Da-Lift 19L 42¾"109 24"61 48"122 19"48 38½"98

Model Height "F" Depth "G" Load Capacity Da-Lift Plenum Cover Da-Lift with Plenum Cover
in.cm. in.cm. lbs.kg.
Da-Lift 10M 10"-17"25-43 17½"45 4018 xxx
Da-Lift 15M 15"-22"38-56 17½"45 4018 xxx
Da-Lift 15 15"-22"38-56 28½"72 300136 xxx
Da-Lift 19 19"-30"48-76 32½"82 300136 xxx
Da-Lift 19L 19"-30"48-76 42½"108 300136 xxx
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