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eBeam Interact

eBeam Interact

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Present, annotate and share your presentations in real-time with eBeam Interact Software.

eBeam Interact software is the result of years of experience in the IT market, months of research on computer interfaces, and a whole lot of creativity.

Traditionally bundled only with eBeam hardware, Interact is now available for use on your computer or with any display technology. The one-of-a-kind circular tool palettes floats over any application to provide quick access to all the features you need for dynamic and engaging lessons and presentations.

Included in the software is eBeam Scrapbook, a multimedia organizer for gathering, preparing, presenting, and sharing your content. Use the built-in meeting feature to collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world. Share handwritten notes, digital images, and even PowerPoint Presentations from your company’s UK office, a coffee shop in NYC, or a hotel in Dubai. eBeam Interact travels with you and your laptop.


  • Full access to the most powerful eBeam Interact tools without having an eBeam receiver attached.
  • Use the Interact software on your home computer to design dynamic multimedia presentations before the big meeting.
  • Works with your existing desktop PC, Tablet PC, wireless slate, LCD/Plasma touch screen, or interactive whiteboard.
  • Interact works with so many different types of input devices that it can easily become your standard presentation application.
  • Access to the eBeam Meeting server, so you can share notes and ideas with anyone, anywhere in the world.
Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows® compatible PC with Pentium™ II, 400 MHz or faster processor
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • 10 MB available HD space
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