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Spacer System

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Infrared Preset Lighting Controls :
Set and recall lighting scenes like preset stations on a car radio. Now there’s a simple solution for creating and recalling lighting scenes… at the touch of a button.

Spacer System - with infrared and smart dimmer technology gives you fingertip control of the lighting in any room. It’s the solutions-oriented approach to lighting scene control for a wide range of situations. Spacer System lets you create and recall lighting scenes as easily as setting and recalling those favorite stations on your car radio. It uses standard wiring and can be retrofitted to replace switches or dimmers. Its flexibility allows your room design to dictate where the controls will be placed… not the other way around.

Spacer System lets you set and recall the exact mood, business mode or inviting ambiance you want for everyday living, work or play. Like the volume and balance of the music from your stereo, lighting scenes are the balance of visual and lighting effects designed to enhance a specific activity in a living area or workspace. Smart dimmer technology lets you quickly define four lighting scenes (in addition to full-on) using several light circuits. Infrared (IR) technology lets you select the scene from across the room.

Define scenes to improve your experience.

  • Home Theater: define scenes for TV viewing, video games, movies, and intermission. Use a remote control to fade between scenes, for an experience like a commercial theater.
  • Conference Room: define scenes for meetings, presentations, and work sessions.
  • Kitchen or Restaurant: define scenes for each seating and for food preparation.
  • Master Bath: define scenes for morning, daytime, evening, and relaxing in the whirlpool.

Spacer System is simple to install and setup.

  • Choreograph lights on several circuits.
  • Create lighting scenes as easily as you set car radio stations.
  • Include table and floor lamps in your system.
  • Dim incandescent, halogen, low voltage, and fluorescent lights.
  • Install with standard wiring, or replace existing switches or dimmers.

Spacer System is simple to use.

  • Select lighting scenes from across the room with a handheld remote.
  • Tap a dimmer twice to bring lights on to full brightness.
  • Press and hold a dimmer to slowly fade lights to off, for 10 to 70 seconds.

The infrared receiver and remote control.

Handheld infrared remote controls, whether supplied by Lutron or another manufacturer, let you select a light scene from across the room. For example, in a home theater:

  • Select a scene to allow your guests to find their seats.
  • Fade to a scene for movies that has only aisle lighting.
  • Fade the sconce lights on for TV watching.
  • Fade the overhead lights on for video games.
  • Fine-tune light levels with the remote control.
  • Fade the lights off when done.

Some home theater remote controls can select Spacer System lighting scenes. Lutron handheld remote controls have IR ranges up to 30 or 50 feet line of sight, depending on model.

How it Works

The Technology behind the Magic…

Spacer System uses infrared (IR) “Blaster” technology to choreograph lighting scenes involving multiple dimmers, which can be ganged or distributed throughout a room.

  • One IR signal from a hand-held remote control can choreograph lighting scenes of several dimmers that are ganged together.
  • A remote wall-mounted master control can link an unlimited number of Spacer System dimmers in a room (range up to 50 feet line of sight.)
  • For retrofits, simply replace existing dimmers and switches with Spacer System dimmers. Wall-mounted master controls are optional.
  • Spacer System lamp dimmers let you include table and floor lamps.

Set & recall lighting scenes simply, like the preset stations on a car radio.

  • Set the scene: the desired light level of each individual dimmer.
  • Press and hold the corresponding scene button on a handheld or wall mounted master control.
  • Repeat for each scene.

A Clear Backbox on the Dimmer?

The clear backbox allows the dimmers in a wallbox to receive infrared signals from an optional wall-mounted Master Control. This offers four scenes plus full-on and all-off, and choreographs dimmers without wires between controls.

Wall-mounted master controls communicate with dimmers using infrared (IR) signal.

  • Optional master control blasts the signal to dimmers.
  • IR blasts both directions - install master controls on either end of the wallbox.
  • No wires between controls or dimmers.
  • All controls in a wallbox receive the control signal.
  • Install up to four dimmers in a wallbox with a master control.

The SPS-5WCR allows you to install remote IR blasters to communicate between wallboxes, in different parts of the room.

Easy to Use

Spacer System makes it simple! Spacer System offers an easy solution to pre-set and recall lighting scenes. Just replace your current bank of dimmers and switches with Spacer System controls that are accurately set at the touch of a button. Installation is simple, using existing wires and wallboxes.

Before… Setting, remembering and resetting individual dimmers and switches to achieve various light scenes is a chore. Separate controls require attention and adjustment, resulting in inconsistent, disjointed operations.

After… With Spacer System, you distribute dimmers as necessary and choreograph up to four preset scenes plus full-on — which you can select via a handheld remote. You'll get precise, repeatable lighting levels, that fade in and out when you want them, without the guesswork or hassle of manual adjustment.

Designer Colors

Spacer System is available in the Designer Color Palette. Select Claro® High-Fashion wallplates for a “no screw” designer appearance. Claro wallplates are sold separately, available in the same 7 designer colors as Spacer System, and come in 1 to 6 gang models




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