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Versarray 118

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The Versarray 118 Sub incorporates the ultra-high power Lo Max 18" woofer into a new compact cabinet design. The Versarray 118 Sub is a direct radiator vented subwoofer designed specifically for the most demanding Pro-Audio applications.

The Versarray 118 is compact for its power handling, sound pressure level (SPL) output, distortion performance and bass extension. This is made possible by special characteristics designed into the Lo Max woofer.

The Lo Max 18" driver in the Versarray 118 cabinet is Peavey’s pinnacle of high-power subwoofer design. An incredible 2,400 Watt program rating and extra-long cone excursion add up to amazing levels of clean, deep bass from a single 18" woofer. Incorporating all of the features that Peavey has engineered into their woofers over the years, including the field-replaceable basket, Kevlar®-impregnated cone for increased strength and lower distortion due to greater dampening of excess cone vibrations, polyimide-impregnated fiberglass former for higher sensitivity and frequency response, die-cast aluminum frame, and a 4" diameter edge-wound voice coil with solderless diffusion welded OFHC copper leads.

The Versarray 118 Sub cabinet is well braced and very stiff, as internal pressures produced by the Lo Max woofer can be very high. The vent design integrated into the enclosure includes a middle brace to further increase enclosure stiffness. The Versarray 118 Sub’s large vent area and long path length allow for a large volume of air to move with very low resistance. This is important due to the huge airflow volumes that the Lo Max woofer can produce. Each cabinet side wall and vent wall are tied together at multiple points using multiple interlocking girdle braces, making this one of the sturdiest subwoofer enclosures on the market. A knuckle-rap test will prove this immediately. The Versarray 118 Sub is constructed of premium 13-ply Baltic birch plywood and is finished with a tough acrylic polyurethane paint, for good looks and durability. The finish is available in black or white. A 16-gauge powder-coated perforated metal grille covers the front of the system to protect the speakers from external damage.

Input connection to the system is made via two 4-pin Neutrik jacks in parallel, or an 8-pin Neutrik jack. A 4-pin Neutrik thru jack is provided for bi-amping flexibility while maintaining superior signal integrity. The inclusion of a standard 4-pin Neutrik jack in parallel for the main inputs allows for daisy chaining to another cabinet. A pole tunnel is built-in so that a Versarray specific pole can be used to pole mount up to two Versarray 112 modules above the Versarray 118 Sub.

Despite its compact dimensions for a single 18" bass enclosure, this system generates extremely high sound pressure levels (SPLs) and accepts up to 2,400 Watts program of clean amplifier power, resulting in large area coverage with excellent punch and high reliability.


  • Full-power low-frequency response down to 38 Hz
  • One 18" vented Lo Max® woofer, 8 ohms
  • Two Neutrik® four-pin Speakon® inputs in parallel
  • One Neutrik eight-pin Speakon input
  • One Neutrik four-pin Speakon thru input (use with eight-pin input)
  • Extended frequency response down to 33 Hz (half-space)
  • Compact design
  • Speaker pole mount tunnel built-in
  • Heavy-duty steel handles inset on both sides
  • Acrylic polyurethane painted finish, black or white
  • Steel grille for speaker protection
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The loudspeaker system shall have an operating bandwidth of 47 Hz to 1.5 kHz, measured on axis at 1m in an anechoic environment, with ±3 dB tolerance. The nominal output level shall be 97 dB when measured at a distance of one meter with an input of one watt. The nominal impedance shall be 8 ohms. The maximum continuous power handling shall be 1,200 watts, maximum program power of 2,400 watts and a peak power input of at least 4,800 watts, with a minimum amplifier headroom of 3 dB. The outside dimensions shall be 22.88 inches high by 25.06 inches wide by 26.30 inches deep. The weight shall be 109 pounds. The loudspeaker system shall be a Peavey model Versarray 118.

Frequency Response (±3dB) 43 Hz–1.5 kHz Power Handling 1200 W cont. / 2400 W prog. / 4800 W peak
Frequency Range (-10dB) 33 Hz–1.5 kHz Box Tuning Frequency 35 Hz
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m 103 dB Crossover Frequency 120 Hz
Max SPL/ 1m (calc) 139 dB Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Coverage (HxV) Omnidirectional Minimum Impedance 6.6 Ω
Transducers (LF) Lo Max® 18 Enclosure Material 13-ply Birch Plywood w/ painted finish
Input Connections (2) 4-pin Neutrik in, (1) 8-pin Neutrik in and (1) 4-pin Neutrik thru Mounting Provisions NOT designed for suspension, Satellite stand mounting provided for via built-in pole mount tunnel, 4 rubber feet for floor use
Dimensions (HxWxD) 58.1 x 63.6 x 66.8 cm
(22.9" x 25.1" x 26.3")
Weight 49.5 kg (109 lbs)
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