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FRX+ 640

757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 640 - Call for pricing - 60° X 40° coverage pattern
757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 640 PI - Call for pricing - 60° X 40° Weatherized
757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 660 - Call for pricing - 60° X 60° coverage pattern
757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 660 PI - Call for pricing - 60° X 60° Weatherized
757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 940 - Call for pricing - 90° X 40° coverage pattern
757.498.6118 Ext - 109FRX Plus 940 PI - Call for pricing - 90° X 40° Weatherized


PDFFRX Plus 640 Specifications (pdf)

PDFFRX Plus 660 Specifications (pdf)

PDFFRX Plus 940 Specifications (pdf)

FRX+ series is designed for applications in highly reverberant spaces where excellent directivity control down to 500 Hz is critical. In a trapezoidal enclosure no taller than a typical compact system and only a bit wider, they maintain control of coverage angles down to 500 Hz. A 15" LF transducer is coaxially horn loaded with a mouth nearly the size of the enclosure to provide excellent LF pattern control. These professional fixed install speakers deliver a broad range of performance options including multiple rotatable horn patterns, matching sub-woofer, easily switchable passive or biamp operation, and EV’s advanced transducer technology for response that is smooth and linear. The FRX+ is an economical and flexible solution for the most demanding installations.

Same size full-range and sub-woofer systems allow the installer to construct arrays covering the most demanding acoustical environments while maintaining an aesthetic and unifrom installation. The structural integrity of the FRX+ cabinets allows for vertical arrays up to 2 boxes in height. All FRX+ systems are available in black or white EVCoat™, and unfinished. The PI version includes stainless steel hardware and a multilayer stainless steel grille that protects against rain, sprayed water, and dust to IEC 529 IP 44 Mil Spec 810 humidity, salt spray, and UV specifications. External components and fasteners are aluminum and stainless steel.


  • 15" Two-Way Horn-Loaded Coaxial Speaker System
  • Pattern Control to 500 Hz
  • Built-in L-track rigging
  • Available in black, white and unfinished
  • Passive or biamp operation
  • Ring Mode Decoupling / RMD™
  • Full Coaxial Design
  • Weatherized Version Available
  • Barrier Strips (Dual) input connections
  • Selectable Internal Crossover

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The loudspeaker system shall be a coaxial, two-way full range design consisting of a 15-inch woofer, a high-frequency compression driver on a molded constant-directivity horn and a dividing network providing an acoustic crossover frequency of 1,350 Hz. The system shall be configurable in a biamp mode by moving a single connector in the crossover network. The loudspeaker shall meet the following performance criteria; power-handling, 400 watts, based upon ANSI/EIA RS-426-A 1980 standard for full-range loudspeaker systems; frequency response, smooth and usable at high SPL levels from 60 Hz to 15 kHz; pressure sensitivity, 105 dB SPL (passive mode) or 105 dB(LF)/110 dB(HF) in biamp mode for 1W at 1m; impedance, 8 ohms nominal, 7 ohms minimum. The system shall have a distribution pattern of 60° (or 60°, 90°) nominal horizontally from 500 Hz to 15 kHz and 40° (or 60°, 40°) nominal vertically from 500 Hz to 15 kHz. The enclosure shall be constructed from 13-ply birch plywood and braced appropriately, and the grille shall be constructed from 16 GA powder-coated steel backed by acoustically transparent fabric. The PI version shall have multilayer stainless steel grille, stainless steel fasteners, and aluminum hardware. The dimensions shall be 800 mm (31.5") high by 724 mm (28.5") wide by 686 mm (27.0") deep. Net weight shall be 68.95 kg (152 lb).

The two-way loudspeaker shall be the Electro-Voice FRX+ 640/660/940 or FRX+ 640PI/660PI/940PI

Frequency Response (-3dB) 60 Hz–15 kHz LF Power Handling 400 W cont. / 800 W prog. / 1600 W peak
Frequency Range (-10dB) 52 Hz–16 kHz HF Power Handling 60 W cont. / 120 W prog. / 240 W peak
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m (LF/HF) 105 dB / 110 dB Coverage (HxV) 60° x 40° / 60° x 60° / 90° x 40°
Max SPL/ 1m (calc) 134 dB Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Crossover Frequency 1350 Hz Minimum Impedance 7.2 Ω
Connectors Two barrier strips Transducers (LF/HF) DL15X / DH2t
Enclosure Material 13-ply Birch plywood Grille 16 GA steel (PI ver. Stainless)
Environmental Spec IEC 529 IP24, (PI ver. IP44) MIL STD 810
Dimensions (HxWxD) 80.0 x 72.4 x 68.6 cm
(31.5" x 28.5" x 27.0")
Weight 69.0 kg (152 lbs)
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