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Electro-Voice MA 1212

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The MA-1200 series of professional rackmount mixer/amplifiers are designed for larger background music/paging and public address system installations where expandability and flexibility is the ticket. These new units are exceptional values, loaded with features and are easy to install in a variety of system designs.

The Electro-Voice MA-1212 is a 120-watt, twelve-input mixer amplifier designed for commercial sound applications. It features twelve separate input controls which can be used to adjust the level from any of 12 input sources.

Input channels 1-10 are designed to either be used as low-Z balance microphone or line level inputs. The combination connector on inputs 1-10 permits use of either XLR or ¼" input connectors. A signal appearing at either input 1 will automatically mute the other channels unless the mute function is defeated via a switch on the rear panel.

Inputs 11 and 12 are for auxiliary line-level sources such as tape or CD players. Mono or stereo signals may be applied to inputs 11 or 12. The left and right components of a stereo signal can be applied to the dual RCA phono jacks of these inputs and mixed together to drive the built-in monaural power amplifier. A rear panel paging input with gain control is provided for the paging output of a telephone system. An audio signal appearing at this input automatically mutes all other inputs. A preamplifier output jack and power amplifier input jack permit the mixed output to be fed to an external signal processor (graphic EQ or compressor), and then returned to the built-in amplifier. The preamp output may be used to drive an additional power amp with its own set of speakers without interrupting the function of the built-in amplifier.

There is also a 24V DC power option to operate the unit off of a 24V emergency power source. The speaker output is available at a barrier strip, which includes terminals for driving low impedance loudspeaker loads, as well as 25, 70.7 or 100 volt distributed systems.


  • 10 Balanced Mic or Line Inputs—All Available with 24V Phantom Power
  • 2 Auxilary Stereo Summing Inputs with 4 Level Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Balanced Line Level Output for Adding Additional Power Amplifiers
  • 24V Powered Operation for Emergency Power Requirements
  • Adjustable Level Telephone Paging Input
  • Independently Adjustable Low Power Monitor Output
  • Integrated “Rack Ears” Allow for Rack Mounting Without Additional Accessories

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The mixer amplifier shall have twelve input channels, with individual mix gain controls. Input channels 1 through 10 shall be configured for either low-Z balanced microphone operation or hi-Z line level signals via switches on the rear panel. A signal present channel 1 shall trigger the muting of channels 2–12. The mute circuit shall be defeatable using a switch on the rear panel. Inputs 1–10 shall be available via combination female XLR / ¼" connectors. Inputs 11 and 12 shall accept either mono or stereo sources. If a stereo source is connected, it shall be properly mixed to mono via a resistor network mounted on the input plate. There shall be a paging input that accepts a 600 ohm line-level feed from a phone system. When a signal is present at the paging input, it shall automatically mute other input sources. The paging input shall be equipped with its own gain control. There shall be a master level control. Separate bass and treble equalization controls shall be provided. The mixer amplifier shall meet the following performance criteria: output power shall be 120 watts; total harmonic distortion shall be less than 1% at 1 kHz; frequency response shall be within ±3 dB from 50 Hz to 15 kHz; input impedance shall be 600 ohms (balanced inputs) or 47 kW (unbalanced inputs); nominal load impedance shall be 4, 8 or 16 ohms for voice-coil-connected loudspeakers, 25, 70.7 or 100 volt nominal transformer windings for the constant-voltage output.

In addition to a preamplifier output/power amplifier input link, there shall also be a line-level balanced XLR output. The mixer amplifier shall operate from either a standard 120V AC 50/60 Hz or a 24V DC power source, and measure 15.0 cm (5.9") high x 48.0 cm (18.9") wide x 32.0 cm (12.6") deep. The net weight shall be 12.0 kg (26.5 lb). The mixer amplifier shall be the Electro-Voice® model MA-1212.

Rated Output Power @ 1 kHz 120 W
Frequency Response (±3 dB, ref. 1 kHz/1 W) 50 Hz–15 kHz
THD @ rated power < 1%
Signal to Noise Ratio (Mic/Aux/Paging/Power Amp In) > 52 dB / > 65 dB / > 65 dB / > 90 dB
Input Sensitivity Impedance
Inputs 1-10 Mic Setting - balanced 0.3 mV 600 Ω
Inputs 1-10 Line Setting - balanced 75 mV 47 kΩ
Paging - transformer isolated -20 dBm 600 Ω
Power Amp In - unbalanced 1 V 10 kΩ
Auxiliary - unbalanced 100 mV to 1 V -
Line Output Level Impedance
Preamp Output - unbalanced 1 V 1 kΩ
Balanced Line Output - unbalanced 500 mV 47 kΩ
Speaker Outputs 25, 70.7, 100-Volt 4, 8, 16 Ω
Tone Controls (Bass/Treble/Muting) ±10 dB at 100 Hz / ±10 dB at 10 kHz / 40 dB attenuation
Protection 3 independent Slo-Blo® fuses, primary AC and DC
Power Dissipation 390 W
Power Requirement 108-132V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 15.0 x 48.0 x 32.0 cm (5.9" x 18.9" x 12.6")
Weight 12.0 kg (26.5 lbs)
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