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Compressors / Gates

Shift your sound into the desired frequency range with a variety of compressors. Gates keeps noise to a minimum.

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DBX 160SL Stereo Compressor/Limiter

With the newly improved 160SL, DBX introduce AutoVelocity technology. It is now easier than ever to dial up exact attack and release.

DBX 162SL Stereo Compressor/Limiter

The 162SL combines the best features of all the great dbx compressors. The 162SL offers AutoVelocity manual mode.

DBX 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter

The new dbx 1046 is designed to provide the audio professional with just that: 4 channels of great sounding dbx compression.

DBX 1066 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Dual Compressor Limiter Gate. Use the independent Attack and Release controls to tailor the 1066 to your specific needs.
1074 Quad Gate

DBX 1074 Quad Gate

The latest addition to the 10 Series product line, the dbx 1074 QuadGate , is the perfect companion to the 1066 and 1046.
160A Compressor Limiter

DBX 160A Compressor/Limiter

Since its introduction in the mid 1970s, the dbx 160 series has been the world’s most popular line of audio compressors.

DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate

The superb engineering in the 166XL ensures that both its compression and gating provide versatility and excellent sonic performance.

DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate

Goof proof operation to smooth uneven levels, add sustain to guitars, fatten drums or tighten up mixes.