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Surround Sound Theater / Briefing Room Package

Surround Sound Theater / Briefing Room Package

with complete lighting control from HAI Lumina.

1 year warranty


This system is a moderate budget surround sound system for a home theater including lighting and screen control. From the Panasonic Hi Definition projector showing you wide screen image on a Da-Lite tensioned to the Philips Pronto touch screen remote control this system is functional and beautiful. The JVC DVD/VCR player and Onkyo 7.1 surround sound utilizing a Sonance Speaker system will give you incredible sound. The HAI Lumina Control system controls lighting and shades if you have them with your Pronto remote. This system can give you the custom look and feel with a package price.

199479CHVEquipment Rack w/keyboard shelf
1PT-AE3000Panasonic Hi Def Home Cinema
Panasonic Hi Def Home Cinema

The Panasonic PT-AE3000 maximizes the image quality of the full-HD content in Blu-ray Discs and HD broadcasts for large-screen viewing, and adds a newly designed optical system that achieves a 60,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,600 lumens of brightness. A variety of advanced signal-processing technologies, beginning with Detail Clarity Processor 2 and Frame Creation Interpolation, push the performance level of the LCD projector to an entirely new level of picture quality and provide viewers with the true beauty of full-HD images.


Panasonic Hi Def Home Cinema Brochure

1TSU98006.4" Philips Pronto Remote Control

The sensational looking Philips Pronto gives you complete control of your AV entertainment, lighting and music throughout your entire home or office.


  • Cutting-edge design with flush-mounted display
  • Ergonomic design for both one- and two-handed control
  • Built-in stylus for accurate control
  • 6.4" VGA screen with superb contrast and vivid colors
  • User interface matching your personal taste and preferences
  • Control multiple devices with a single touch
  • Control hidden equipment and devices in other rooms
  • System feedback via dynamic 2-way user interface


Philips Pronto Brochure

1RFX9600Philips RF Expansion Unit

The Philips RFX9600 advanced serial extender comes in a standard 19" rack-mountable enclosure. In addition to 4 individually addressable IR ports, 4 RS232 ports and 4 relay outputs, it also features 'power sensing'.


  • Wired networked control via standard CAT5 cable
  • Advanced connectivity: addressable IR ports
  • Advanced connectivity: RS232 serial interface
  • Advanced connectivity: contact closures
  • Advanced connectivity: input sensors


Philips RF Expansion Unit Brochure

10173-4149Ceiling plate and pole
10173-5001Projector mounting plate
1DRMV100BJVC VCR/DVD Player/Recorder

DVD+VHS Recorder with Versatile Compatible Formats including DivX®, featuring ATSC Digital/NTSC Analog Tuners, HDMI Output with 1080p/720p Up-Conversion (DVD/VHS).

  • Playable Formats: VHS Hi-Fi, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, +RW, +R, +R (Dual), CD, SVCD/VCD, CD-R/RW, WMA/MP3/JPEG Digital Still/DivX(R) (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, +R/+RW)
  • Recordable Formats: VHS Hi-Fi, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, +RW, +R
  • ATSC (Digital) Tuner: 8 VSB (2-69), Clear QAM (1-135)
  • NTSC (Analog) Tuner: VHF (2-13), UHF (14-69), CATV (1-135)
  • Progressive Scan Output
194230LDa-Lite Tensioned Advantage Electrol 54" x 96"

Da-Lite’s electric screens meet the demanding needs of business meeting rooms, educational institutions, hospitality and home theater applications. All Da-Lite electric screens offer as standard features: black borders and preset adjustable limit switches to automatically stop the screen at the desired viewing level.

Same great design as the Advantage Electrol except screen is tensioned for an extra flat surface for optimum image quality when using video or data projection. Tab guide cable system maintains even lateral tension to hold surface flat while custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension.


Tensioned Advantage Electrol Brochure

1TX-SR806BOnkyo 7.1 THX Receiver 130 watts/channel

The Onkyo TX-SR806B 7.1 THX Receiver is a mid-range A/V receiver with high-end capabilities. The TX-SR806B accommodates up to five HDMI sources that can handle both 1080p video and studio master-quality surround sound. Onboard Faroudja DCDi Cinema scales all standard definition sources to 1080p for HDMI output, or to 1080i for component video output.


TX-SR806B Brochure

1-Sonance Speakers 7.1
1LOYCBLMisc. Parts Connectors & Cable
1-Sony PS3 BlueRay DVD
1PS3IRX1PS3 IR Translator
PS3 IR Translator

This device accepts PS2 compatible IR commands and converts them to PS3 game controller key presses via USB.

1-Wireless Router
144A00-1HAI Lumina Control System
HAI Lumina Control System

The HAI Lumina is a central lighting and automation controller. It is easy to operate and has unrivaled expandability. It provides the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system by setting scenes, fades and dimming levels.


Lumina Brochure

359A00-1HAI plug in adapter
HAI plug in adapter

The HAI UPB™ Lamp Module controls lamps up to 300 watts. The UPB™ Lamp Module may be used in stand-alone lighting control or in lighting control within a home control system.

335A00-1Wall dimmer
HAI plug in adapter

The HAI UPB™ 600W Switch is capable of storing up to 16 preset light levels to create powerful lighting scenes. It is capable of being set to a non-dimming mode in order to control loads, such as fluorescent lights, that do not belong on a dimming switch. Works as a stand-alone or with a home control system.

140A00-115 Amp UPB Relay Utility Switch
HAI plug in adapter

The HAI UPB™ 15A Relay Switch controls non-dimming loads and is ideal for heavier loads or for motors (like ceiling fans) that may hum when used with Dimming or Non-Dimming switches. Works as a stand-alone or with a home control system.

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