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Spacer System - FAQ

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How do I set a lighting scene?

First, set the dimmer to dsired light levels. Next, push and hold the scene button on your remote control (handheld or wall master control) for 4-5 seconds. When green LEDs on dimmer “flash”, your scene is set.

How man “lighting scenes” can I set and recall with Spacer System dimmers?

Dimmers have the built-in ability to store 4 lighting scenes, in addition to full-on and all-off.

Are the Wall-mounted Master Controls (SPS-5WC, SPS-5WCR) necessary?

No, the SPS-5WC and SPS-5WCR are optional. These controls are not dimmers, but function as an IR remote control that is wall mounted. These controls offer “all on” as a fifth scene.

How do I wire a multi-location Spacer System dimmer?

Multi-location dimmers wire the same as existing 3-way dimmers and switches. See wiring instructions on each package.

How can I selectively control only 1 dimmer from my remote control?

Use an SPS-4IT and dedicate a scene button to a single dimmer.

Does Lutron make ceiling fan controls for home theaters?

Lutron offers a variety of fan controls. The Maestro® line offers the look most coordinated with Spacer System.

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