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Lutron proudly introduces a new line of designer fabrics that combines style with precision control of daylight. The Gallery Collection offers a variety of color, texture and pattern to accent any décor.

The collection has two style categories — sheer and dim-out. Within the sheer category, there are burnout and texture fabric options. Within the dim-out category, privacy fabrics are available.

Enjoy the convenience and precision of Lutron roller shades with the beauty of The Gallery Collection. Relax knowing that the fabrics are sustainable in order to protect your health and the environment. Reflect your lifestyle, control daylight and enjoy style and comfort.

Fabric Offering

The Gallery Collection offers fabrics that fit into two different categories: sheer and dim-out.

Sheer fabrics

The Gallery Collection sheer fabrics include two fabric categories — sculpted and texture. Select a sheer fabric when you want a maximized view combined with protection from UV damage to furnishings inside your home and reduce solar heat gain. Each sheer fabric has its own openness factor–the greater the number, the more daylight that can shine through.

Sculpted fabrics
Add mystery and drama with sculpted sheers that both obscure and reveal. Fiber-etching removes part of the fabric to create the design. Select from a collection of patterns that range from whimsical to geometric. Each sculpted sheer diffuses light in a distinctive way.

Sheer fabrics | sculpted

Texture fabrics
Create warmth with texture. Whether simple or complex weaves, these fabrics lend an air of sophistication to your environment. Choose from rich grains or from neutral hues to complement your space.

Sheer fabrics | texture

Dim-Out fabrics

Dim-out fabrics are designed to provide a slight translucent glow without view in or out. Instead, the view is reduced to shapes and shadows. These fabrics are commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms and other private areas of the home. Dim-out fabrics are also greatly used in executive offices or private conference rooms.

Showcase the stunning interplay of light and shadow with a dim-out fabric that provides you the light control you need with the privacy you desire. Select from a saturated palette of lightweight fabrics to make a bold statement in any room or from an elegant suede collection.

Dim-out fabrics | translucent

Dim-out fabrics | privacy

Fabric Rules


Railroading fabric is an option for applications requiring shades with a width larger than the usable roll width. Railroading rotates the fabric 90 degrees from its typical orientation. If the fabric has a distinct pattern, please note that this pattern will also be rotated 90 degrees, thereby altering the final appearance of the shade. Boxstitch, Clew, and Nuage cannot be railroaded.


Some fabrics can be seamed/welded together in order to increase the size of a railroaded shade beyond its fabric roll width. This technique is used to achieve long, wide shades. If a fabric has a distinct pattern, aligning the pattern during seaming may alter the final appearance of the shade. Montana is the only fabric in the collection that can be seamed.

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