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For larger applications, durable and long-lasting fabrics are a necessity. The Classico Collection by Lutron includes 21 new fabric additions that provide wider roll widths, an array of sustainable characteristics and designer options that are available in vibrant colors for all applications.

Whether your project is a hotel in need of a contemporary look, an office with a sustainable initiative or a residence requiring larger shades, The Classico Collection provides the perfect shading solution.

Fabric Offering

This collection is divided into three categories — sheer, dim-out and blackout.

Sheer fabrics

Welcome daylight and enjoy views with a sheer fabric from Lutron. Sheer fabrics reduce solar heat gain and UV penetration while maintaining views to the outside. Lutron sheer fabrics are offered in SheerShade, designer and dual-sided sheer fabric options to accommodate the needs of any space.

Sheer fabrics | SheerShade®

Sheer fabrics | designer

Sheer fabrics | dual-sided

Dim-out fabrics

Retreat with a dim-out fabric that affords privacy from the outside while still allowing light to penetrate through the fabric. Dim-out fabrics by Lutron are offered in two categories — translucent and privacy. Translucent fabrics reduce the view to shapes and shadows, while privacy fabrics showcase no view - only a soft glow of light.

Dim-out fabrics | translucent

Dim-out fabrics | privacy

Blackout fabrics

Create darkness any time of the day with a blackout shade. Lutron blackout fabrics offer versatility with standard or dual-sided options. Standard fabrics provide a uniform appearance on both sides of the fabric while dual-sided fabrics reflect more daylight with a lighter colored backing.

Blackout fabrics | standard

Blackout fabrics | dual-sided

Fabric Rules


Railroading fabric is an option for applications requiring shades with a width larger than the usable roll width. Railroading rotates the fabric 90 degrees from its typical orientation. If the fabric has a distinct pattern, please note that this pattern will also be rotated 90 degrees, thereby altering the final appearance of the shade.


Some fabrics can be seamed/welded together in order to increase the size of a railroaded shade beyond its fabric roll width. This technique is used to achieve long, wide shades. If a fabric has a distinct pattern, aligning the pattern during seaming may alter the final appearance of the shade.

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