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Style made easy – Innovation made beautiful

Lutron has begun a new chapter in precision control of daylight with shades that are innovative, customizable and stylish.

The Avant Collection includes:
  • Kirbé vertical drapery system
  • Roman shades with CERUS™ safety technology
  • Drapery fabric panels
  • Cornices
  • Avant Collection fabrics

All products within the Avant Collection can be controlled by any Lutron shading technology: Sivoia QED, Sivoia QS or Sivoia QS Wireless.

Kirbé™ Vertical Drapery System

Lutron has taken drapery in a whole new direction. The Kirbé Vertical Drapery System is an industry first – this innovative window treatment smoothly pulls the drapery up and completely out of the way at the touch of a button.

Lifting the fabric eliminates “stack-back” – the mass of fabric that remains when a traditional drapery is opened.


The Kirbé features a distinctive pleat style, most similar to a ripplefold drapery, that is created and maintained by the drapes unique header mechanism and bottom bar.

  • Header mechanism - reliably and delicately smoothes and pleats fabric as it is taken into and let out of the mechanism.
  • Perma-pleat™ bottom bar - weights fabric and maintains a smooth and even pleat to keep the drapery’s appearance uniform.

Style Options

This product is currently offered in sheer fabrics that range from traditional neutrals to bold, shimmering patterns. The Kirbé can be paired with an optional Lutron blackout roller shade for additional privacy and light control.

  • Kirbé with Lutron roller shade - standard Kiré bracket includes provisions for mounting the optional roller shade, which can be integrated during installation or added at a later time.
  • Lutron cornices - an upholstered Lutron cornice easily finishes the look with no need for a recessed pocket.

Roman shades with CERUS™ safety technology

Lutron has revolutionized the design of Roman shades by introducing CERUS (Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System) safety technology.

This innovation creates safer Roman shades by utilizing uptake bands in place of exposed inner cords. Exposed cords may pose a strangulation hazard to small children.

The new system also improves performance by allowing for quieter, smoother and more even travel of the shade.


CERUS safety technology is standard for all Lutron Roman shades - soft fabrics and woven woods.

  • Soft fabrics - color coordinated uptake bands virtually disappear against shade linings when viewed from outside the window.
  • Woven woods - uptake bands have been carefully paired with each woven wood option to minimize any disruption of light through the shade material.

Style options - Soft fabrics

Depending on the fabric selection and pleat style, Roman shades can have a wide range of looks and applications - from formal dining rooms to casual kitchens.

  • Knife - a clean, modern, flat style with distinct horizontal seams. Structured looks lends itself to formal and contemporary settings.
  • Hobbled - a tailored, cascaded design with a waterfall effect. Adds softness to a space and best displays how light plays off the fabric.
  • Casual - a softer, unstructured shade. Light colored fabrics with little or no pattern are recommended.
  • Flat - a simple, flat structure with no seams or horizontal stitching. Best showcases fabrics with a pattern.

Style options - Wooven woods

Woven wood Roman shades have a versatile look that suits both informal settings and sophisticated, contemporary spaces.

  • Flat - the simple, straightforward style allows for an appreciation of these intricate materials.
  • Edge binding - an option to wrap the ends of a woven wood shade in twill or fabric. This protects the delicate grasses and reeds from fraying and adds a decorative flair.

Drapery panels

Finished drapery panels allow Lutron to become your single source for any drapery project.

Lutron’s electronically controlled drapery track systems incorporate many innovations, including a manual open carrier, self-aligning splice bar and custom curved tracks.

Style options

Lutron offers two distinct drapery styles - pinch pleat and ripplefold.

  • Pinch pleat - pleated look is created by pinched gatherings of fabric at the top of the drapery.
  • Ripplefold - the drapery creates soft, consistent ripples as it hangs from the track.
  • Lutron cornice - an upholstered Lutron cornice easily finishes the look with no need for a recessed pocket.


Lutron now offers cornices to easily finish a shading solution with a tailored look.

These upholstered top treatments can be paired with the Kirbé vertical drapery system, traditional drapery systems, as well as Lutron roller shades. They provide greater flexibility by stylizing outside mount installations with no need for construction of a recessed pocket.

Style options

The clean lines of a straight cornice lend themselves to a contemporary or transitional space. Select a shaped cornice for areas with a more traditional décor.

  • Straight
  • Shape A
  • Shape B
  • Shape C
  • Shape D

The Avant Collection™ fabrics

The Avant Collection contains over 100 new materials to finish your Lutron shading system.

This selection of contemporary and traditional fashions includes sheers, soft fabrics and woven woods. These materials can be used to construct Kirbé vertical draperies, Roman shades with CERUS technology, cornices and traditional drapery panels.

MaterialAvailable for use with:
SheersTraditional drapery
Kirbé vertical drapery system
Soft fabricsTraditional drapery
Roman shades with CERUS safety technology
Woven woodsRoman shades with CERUS safety technology

Avant Collection | sheers

Avant Collection | soft fabrics

Avant Collection | wooven woods

Fabric Rules


Please note that some materials have open weaves. Although they may block outside views during the day, at night they may not provide sufficient privacy. To achieve privacy for the Kirbé vertical drapery system, pair with the optional roller shade feature. For woven wood Roman shades, use a fabric lining.

Roman Shades

Soft fabric Romans must be lined. Woven wood Roman shades do not require lining.


Railroading fabric is an option for applications requiring shades with a width larger than the usable roll width. Railroading rotates the fabric 90 degrees from its typical orientation. If the fabric has a distinct pattern, please note that this pattern will also be rotated 90 degrees, thereby altering the final appearance of the shade.

Fabric Relaxation

Soft fabrics have not experienced gravity. They have been stored on a roll until made into a drapery or Roman shade. It is natural for fabrics to “relax” and sometimes lengthen over time. When measuring for drapery length, please allow proper clearances for sills and floors. Lining drapery adds structure and can minimize relaxation. Woven woods are a natural and sometimes heavy shading material. These materials may relax over time as well.

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